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Yellow Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge

Written By: admin - Aug• 19•12

This is formed by the normal bacteria and fluid the vaginal cells put off. The discharge can be more obvious at different times of the month depending on ovulation, menstrual flow, sexual activity and birth control.

Vaginal discharge with significantly disagreeable odor or that causes itching or burning, is not normal and should be checked by a doctor. Foul-smelling discharge may be a symptom of Chlamydia or gonorrhea; two sexually transmit diseases that can be passed along to sexual partners and cause serious medical problems when not treated promptly. Another sexually transmits disease, trichomoniasis, is caused by a parasite, and creates a strongly scented vaginal discharge that is greenish yellow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    A yellow, foul-smelling vaginal discharge?
    I’m fourteen, and ever since the fifth grade I’ve been having a foul-smelling discharge constantly. It is so extreme, that I have to wear pantiliners daily, and change them often. The discharge is clear when wet, and dries yellow; it has a strong, foul smell, but it doesn’t smell like fish as most people refer it to. It’s just gross smelling, nothing to really compare it to. I’ve asked my doctors numerous times, and have been tested several times, all tests come up negative for STDs and Yeast Infections, and I’ve had a PAP smear which was also negative. I started my period late sixth grade and have been on birth control pills since late seventh grade for period regulation. Has anybody else had this problem? I’m afraid something’s seriously wrong with me. ):
    NOTE: It’s /constant/, not only between periods. It’s there during my periods, too.

    • ANSWER:

    yellow vaginal discharge with sweet smell?
    I was having thick yellow-white vaginal discharge with a foul smell. I went to go see my doctor and she put me on antibiotic. I’ve been taking the antibiotic for 3-4 days and the foul smell is gone now but my vaginal discharge is still thick yellowish white. And it smells sweet. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      Well why on earth don’t you ask a doctor?

    My fixed-cat has vaginal discharge that is yellow and has a foul smell. Emergency vet or wait until Monday?
    Is it serious enough that I’ll need to bring her to emergency vet or will waiting until Monday (or Tuesday b/c of MLK holiday) okay?

    • ANSWER:
      If it was my cat i would take her to vet. I fixed my cat and she didn’t have these symptoms.

    vaginal discharge with foul smell, green/yellow in color, how to treat this? please help!?
    im already having this for 2 years. im afraid to go to a doctor and i feel ashamed. what treatment can i do? i dont want to tell this to my family and friends. please help me. if i would go to the doctor, what should i tell?

    • ANSWER:
      FIRST, check your discharge in “Discharge Evaluation” and “Vaginal Odor” and SECOND, select adequate natural remedies for it – see both in links below

    i had vaginal discharge for 2 days now, looks like white to yellow color no foul smell?
    i had this vaginal discharge for almost days now I’m just little bit worried but look like white to yellow and there’s no u think I’m pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      wait a few more days for it to clear up, if it does smell then it could be a yeast infection

      just make sure you wash down there with products which are PH balanced like baby wash lotion

      sometimes products with a strong fregrance can upset the ph balance of the vagina

    Recurring foul smelling vaginal discharge?
    I am 23 I have two beautiful kids but since my last one was born 9 months ago and I had the para guard birth control put in I have had a recurring problem, it is yellow in color and very foul smelling not fishy just foul I have to constantly wear pantie liners and it is rather annoying because over time they break me out from constant use. I have been to two doctors they have done every type of std test, which came back negative, they have treated me with at least 6 different kinds of antibiotics which only help for about a week then the problem comes back.They have treated me with three different creams which only made it worse. It is horrible I have never had this problem before I got this birth control could this be the issue? Does anyone know what else it could be? Please help me I want this out of my life I have struggled for months now with it. I also have pain in my right ovary and the doctors seem to think it is not a big deal either.

    • ANSWER:
      First off, that guy is an ass. Having 2 kids at the age of 23 is not bad at all, and I congratulate you on your two beautiful kids. Whether the economy is failing or not, it does not mean that people can’t have kids.

      Anyway, I really don’t know what the problem could be other than this birth control form. I would do a little research online and also find other doctors. If all else fails, stop using this birth control and see if that helps. If it isn’t, then it could be rather serious. I hope everything works out for you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help more!

    I have been having yellow vaginal discharge.. What could it possibly be?
    -no discomfort
    -it comes once a month around ovulation time
    -no rash/itching
    -no strong foul smell
    It started way before I was having sex. Just the one time a month. Other than that all of my discharge is white or clear.

    • ANSWER:

    Yellow vaginal discharge?
    I have been experiencing slightly yellow vaginal discharge. It is not always there but when it is it is typically stringy and thin. Once it was thicker and was mixed with white discharge. I have also been having lower adbdominal pain that is mostly on the right side but radiates across the entire abdomen sometimes.

    Yesterday I went to the doctor. Had a urine test and pelvic exam. No UTI and the doctor said my exam looked normal but that she would sent the culture for testing of gonorrhea and chlamydia, even though I was tested 2 months ago and it was negative. The doctor thinks I have an ovarian cyst based on my abdominal pain and thinks the discharge is normal. When I got tested 2 months ago I was also having yellow discharge at the time too.

    I am having no other symptoms. No foul smell, no itching, burning, pain in vaginal region, bleeding during intercourse.
    My question is, does anyone else have this problem or know what may be causing the discharge?

    • ANSWER:

    Yellow vaginal discharge???experiences?
    i have three kinds of vaginal discharge..clear, white, and yellow. the yellow one i get it only SOMETIMES and the clear one i get it sometimes too..the white one is the one i get the most. it doesnt smell bad or foul, or anything..just smells like urine…but not BAD urine smell or anything..just smells like urine…a little bit. what can this be?

    • ANSWER:
      nasty cush!

    white or yellow vaginal discharge each and every day with pee odor?
    i’m 19, female. my first question is:
    1. is it “normal” that you would have brown discharge instead of blood coming out of your vagina during your menstrual cycle?

    2. i’m sexually active but not that “active”. i masturbate but only once in a while. i have this white discharge and sometimes accompanied with yellow discharge that sometimes have a bad smell (a smell like a pee that has been stuck for a while with an additional smell of wet underwear because of the wetness that my discharge brought). i don’t know if this is normal because i don’t know what the “foul odor” descriptions from the net smells like. i don’t want to go see a doctor because i’m shy that they have to look at my vagina.

    i hope somebody can help me with this.

    • ANSWER:
      if it’s white , it’s alright
      If it’s yellow or gold color, tell the fellow. Yellow can be clamydia and you will need to see a doctor.
      If it’s brown, it’s old menstrual blood. try a douche
      good luck
      must visit Dr. Morice site to know common women issues..
      see here

    Med HELP? vaginal yellow/green discharge during period?
    I started my period a few days ago, and on the first day I had cramping and noticed it was mostly “old” brown blood and a hint of yellow discharge. My urine had a concentrated color but was clear. Now my urine is cloudy and the discharge looks yellow/green. It isn’t foamy and doesn’t smell foul. My period has been unusually light. It feels like I have vaginal dryness b/c it itches. I don’t have any sores or anything and have been w/the same partner for 2 yrs. I’m worried it might be chlamydia-which means he contracted it and gave it to me.

    • ANSWER:
      yeah, you need to go to the doc. yellow-green discharge chan be trichamonas, chlmydia, or gonorrhea. good luck.

    what can i do to protect my baby inside me get rid of the genital warts and foul smell yellow green discharges
    i am 4 months pregnant just recently diagnosed with genital warts growing on my perineum near my vaginal orifice, am also sufferin from foul smelling yellow green discharges. the wart is only single but rapidly grows which i notice only last month as well as the discharges. pls help me what i have to do to protect my self and my baby inside me, am afraid maybe my baby is infected too. pls help me. thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      as for the smelly yellow green discharge i dont know what to tell you.. as for the genital warts there are many treatments and medications that can be used.. if you still have the genital warts as an outbreak when its time to deliver i would suggest seeing about having a c section.. as of right now i dont believe your baby is isnt fun having to deal with knowing that you infected your child with an std.

    How Can I Get Rid Of Normal Vaginal Discharge And Its Odor?
    I have this thick white discharge but it looks yellow in my panties, and the discharge smells foul, my dr has tested my discharge she said its normal, Is there something i can do to get rid of the discharge and its smell?
    I do get a vaginal itch sometimes but i dont think its an infection becuz its not all the time.
    also i am a high risk diabetic , i eat alot of sweet stuff like candy

    • ANSWER:
      Normal discharge doesn’t have much of an odor.
      I would look at your diet and what you are eating. It may be the beginning of a yeast infection or just a little bit of yeast. How does your tongue look? Whitish?
      Things like eating sugary foods, chocolate (excessively) and candy, breads, drinking sodas, and even caffiene can contribute to this. Eat lots of veggies and some fresh fruits.
      Go to the health food store and get a good probiotic. The kind they have in the fridge. It’s about a bottle but it’s worth it. Finish of the bottle with daily intake of vitamin C. OR get some good, plain probiotic yogurt and eat it daily. NOT Dannon products either. Stuff from the health food store.

      I can guarantee within a week that white stuff will be gone if you do that.

    what is the normal vaginal discharge?
    I’ve read people saying that the normal vaginal discharge should be colorless or at times whitish. Is this true? I have yellow colored discharge but I don’t feel any burning or itching sensation. I don’t really know how to determine how foul foul odor is because mine smells more acidic.
    Is this a matter of grave urgency? should i go to the doctor immediately?

    • ANSWER:
      Normal vaginal discharge is white, creamy and should be generally odourless, or it should smell like soap. Some discharge can be clear & stringy, too – this is normal.
      Abnormal vaginal discharge is discharge that smells, is green, yellow or black in colour and smells like fish.

      You shouldn’t go to the doctor immediately. Abnormal vaginal discharge can’t kill you unless you have other symptoms. Make an appointment tomorrow if you’re worried.

    pain in the ovaries with a foul odor from vagina with yelow discharge?
    I have been having pain in my left ovary for about a month and off and on smell and yellow discharge from my vaginal what could this be?

    • ANSWER:
      this sounds like an internal yeast infection you will need to see your gp for a course of antibiotics i have suffered this a few time and if left untreated it will only get worse

    Vaginal Discharge?
    This is a personal topic, so please…..only serious reponses.
    I would like to know if anyone has heard of a woman having brown, foul smelling discharge and having that being labeled as “normal.” I’ve had two seperate exams and Paps by two highly recommended ObGyns and both have said they cannot find anything wrong. I have PCOS and am not on the pill. I’ve always gotten a pain on my left ovary if I have the slightest bit of “gas” or constipation, but no cysts were found during trans-vaginal ultra sound. My discharge is so severe that I go through pads like crazy. If I put on underwear with no pad, I immdiately have a lot of fluid on the underwear. The odor is so strong I can somtimes get a whiff of it even if I have a pad on. The doctor says it may be my “natural” odor or Ph, but I’ve tried RePhresh and not even that works. The discharge is often dark yellow to dark brown- like after a period. This is drivng me insane and I’d like to find an answer to what’s going on with my body!

    • ANSWER:
      I’d get a third opinion. Recommend a female gyne. This is not normal. If you douche….stop!
      Douching can cause more problems.

    Yellow sweet smelling discharge?
    I have recently (within the last three weeks) become sexually active with a new boyfriend. Prior to becoming sexually active we were both tested negative for STD’s. I just finished my menstrual period and the day after I started to have slightly vaginal itching. Occassionally I have had this happen so I didn’t think anything of it. I started to take some Amoxacillin I had in case it was a UTI.

    Yesterday I woke up to my labia minora appearing extremely swollen and still very itchy. By noon of that day I started to excrete yellow-ish sweet smelling discharge. It’s thin and very liquid like.
    At first I was thinking I might have a yeast infection, but the odor is NOT foul and there are no rashes to speak of and the discharge is not thick and “cottage cheese” like. There is also NO burning sensation when I urinate, no spotting, ect.

    My symptoms are: itching, slightly swollen (the swelling has gone down a bit and the itching is slightly subsided), and yellow sweet smelling discharge…What could this be??

    • ANSWER:

    Yellowish and sometimes green in color vaginal discharge, Is this STD?
    PLEASE HELP ME! im having a vaginal discharge for almost 2 years. it is green in color sometimes yellow and it has a foul smell. im afraid to go to the doctor and i feel ashamed. i was sexually active before.but when i already felt this i stopped and i dont know what to do. no one knows this. please help me.

    What kind of treatment do i need? And what to eat or to take medicine to cure this?

    please answer my question. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the doctor. You probably have bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis– two very common bacterial infections. Either can be cleared up very quickly with antibiotics.

    Foul vaginal odor sometimes?
    I have had yearly pap smears since I was 18, I’m 22 now. All of em were normal results. I have always had a bad smell from down there at certain times of the month. (I am on birth control pills).
    I have no itching, odd discharge, or anything. I have mentioned a slight yellow discharge and the smell to my doc. and he said its normal and the pap came out normal. He said sometime b/c pills can cause the discharge, so that is normal.

    It seems when I wear a panty liner, I dont notice any smell. When I do not use a panty liner, the smell is there, to me anyway, its bad…when spread my legs like when i’m sitting, it just smells discusting. Again, with a panty liner no smell.

    How do i get rid of the smell. I know I sweat real bad down there, I am a bit overweight. It is very embarassing and I woud like real suggestions from other women who have this problem.
    I do try and shave often. Sometimes there still is a bit of hair there.
    I wash everyday. I have noticed that I dont smell it as much or at all when i wear cotten panties.

    • ANSWER:
      just clean every day, and i know wearing a panty liner sucks but it’s much better than smelling, oh and there some powders you can use that help too, you will just have to shop around for the one that is the best for you, (vagasil fem powders and stuff like that)……..shhhh i have the same problem

    Why does my vaginal discharge smell?
    Okay this is embarrassing. It’s slimy, white sometimes whitish clear, never yellow or any other colour but has a very foul smell after like 6 hours of wearing the same undies. And when i wash my underwear, there is a yellow stain on it that won’t come off. We need to scrub the stain off. Do i have a disease? Please help. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The same thing happens to me but i asked my doctor about it and he says that its completely normal for this to happen !

    I have a lot of vaginal discharge I dont have any pain im just always real wet Is there something?
    wrong with me the discharge has no foul smell its a slimy color its not real yellow or real green
    i have been dealing with this for weeks going on a month i already had my period July 10th
    i use panity liners so it doesnt get anything wet

    • ANSWER:
      Apply Hydrogen Peroxide. It’ll be gone in no time and I’m a guy. Ladies, get with the program. You should have told her this already.

    yellow tinged watery discharge…?
    For the past week i have noticed that every so often, a sudden “rush” of yellow tinged extremely watery discharge (super thin discharge) will leak from my vagina. It has a foul smell but not extremely foul just a lil foul. But everytime thias happens, i jump in the shower immediatley. The first two times i did this…it was kind of a lot of discharge. Enough to wear it obviously made my pants wet. The last couple times it has happened, it was a little less and not obvious on the outside…in other words…it didn’t wet my pants. Now for like the past two days, i feel like there is something “blocking” (i can’t think of any other word to describe it) the opening of the vagina…and sex is painful! it feels like there therew may be something stuck up there and mainly to the left side of the opening to my vagina. When i press on this “thing” “blocking” the opening…it seems like more vaginal discharge comes out…but that could be just my imagination…i did have unprotected sex recently with a new partner…PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT AN STD!! I am soo stupid and cannot get over how this may, very well be, an STD!!! I am scared and afraid to even go to the doc..although i do have an appt on Wed. When i do go to the doc, how long will it be before they can tell me what it is. Oh and 3 months agoi, i got Paragard, which is a copper IUD (NON HORMONAL IUD) inserted in my cervix opening…could this be maybe a complication from that? PLEASE HELP…NO RUDE AND VERY MUCH UNWANTED IMMATURE ANSWERS PLEASE….YOU PEOPLE RUIN THE VERY BASIS ON WHICH THIS SITE WAS CREATED…TO HELP PEOPLE…NOT CRITICIZE AND JUDGE! Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      Watery discharge could well be a sign of chlamydia, or it could be something else. I suggest a swift trip to the doctor.

    Lower back & abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, fever, always feel weak?
    Im 27 years old, single, not married and Im suffering an on/off lower abdominal pain together with back pain and fever. And there’s a vaginal discharge as well, sometimes odorless and most of the time it has very foul smell. The discharge appearance looks kind like pus, but it’s not. Somewhat transparent/milky, pale yellow, blood stain at time( not too much, just a few streaks), the discharge sometimes sticky & watery, they have the ‘water’ and ‘mucus’ part as well. ( I had to use tissue which I fold in many layer instead of using pad/pantyliners because there’s a lot of discharge which is came out frequently and I have to change it once in an 1 or 2 hours ). The cramp which Im having is similar like period cramp, but it goes on/off. No itching vulva/vagina, and no burning sensation when I urinate( except that ‘unsatisfied’ feeling after Im done. I feel like i still want to pee, but nothing will come out. And FYI, I can’t hold my urine longer like before. When the urge to pee come, I have to go to the toilet as soon as possible or I will pee in pants. I don’t know why it happened like this.

    The last intercourse I had was 3 months back, only once or twice. Even after having sex with the last man, nothing strange happened after that.

    I had this kind of sickness 3 years back. I was bleeding frequently (not too much like period blood, but there’s a blood discharge, sometimes red and brown ). I cant move at all even to turn around my body while sleeping, the lower abdominal pain was very severe. I became too weak and pale because I bleed non stop for more than a months. 3-4 hospitals which I visited told me different results for that illness. Such as appendicitis, gastrontritis, kidney stone, UTI, STD disease (which is funny because I never had sex with anyone that time ). One of the doctor even wanted to remove my appendix. Luckily I didnt proceed coz I dont have enough money. So I tried traditional/alternative medicine, and it really works!

    I cant even sit in the car or bus that ‘bumping too hard on the road’ because I feel pain whenever there’s a pressure to my stomach. Now im depending to Ibuprofen very often to ease my pain

    Please tell me what is wrong with me? Is this what you call endometritis? Or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Or apendicitis? Or kidney stone? Should I do Pap Smear or any lab test for this? I hope anyone can give me advice on this issue. Really appreciate your help.

    P/S : I had my menstrual at age 9.

    • ANSWER:

    gross sorry. Vaginal Discharge?? worried PLEASE help!!?
    So like 3 weeks ago i took plan B and after that i had my period(like youre supposed to, and plus i was due to have my period right before i took plan b) But after my period ive been having this vaginal discharge, it doesn’t smell foul, and its not green or anything, but it dries yellow, and its kind of “messy” (yea sorry ew) its kind of white, or offwhite and sometimes clear mixed with white??! idk! im worried its calming down though i think, but now i see a very very light pink, like blood? i think i might start my period soon again? i have no idea. but is there a chance i might be pregnant??!? i dont know if this is just normal vaginal cleansing or whatever just some answer will help though!! oh there is no itching or discomfort, its just like vaginal discharge, but a lot. thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like the normal discharge you get about the time your ovulating or just throught out your cycle youll notice clear or white discharge at different times. try and take notice of your body so you know whats normal, and dont be grossed out by it! its your body its cool and beautiful.

      abnormal is foul ordour and itchiness, that might be a yeasst infection or something.

    Vaginal Discharge Problems-Serious Answers Only?
    *First and foremost, I am in my 20′s, not sexually active, do not take birth control. I am quite active (bike), eat lots of fruit and carbs, am about 113 lbs but am only 5’1 so it works out. Apparently, I have an elevated white blood cell count in my vaginal-area as well, according to my doctor.

    Since high school, I have had a variety of vaginal discharge “problems”. Some of them may be natural, but I don’t know because it changes so often.

    My most frequent “symptom” is a foul smelling, pasty white coating (yes, literal coating) to my vaginal wall. At times, it can accumulate and discharge in large amounts. It feels like I am constantly getting my period because it comes out so often. I have resorted to wearing pads almost everyday to keep it from leaking through my pants. Also note that the discharge becomes hard after a while, and can sometimes crystallize to the opening of my vagina, causing my pubic hairs to literally harden with the stuff. It smells terrible and is embarrassing. At other times the discharge will be murky or clear and really stringy (think snot) and jello-like, which I hear is semi-normal depending on your ovulation. Recently, my discharge has become clumpy like moldy yogurt and is usually white or a variation of greeny-yellow. Does anybody have the same issues? Could I have a yeast infection?

    This is really embarressing for me, so serious answers would be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      That’s definitely a yeast infection. Do not leave it untreated, it can cause infection and other complications further down the road. Over the counter medications may help ease the symptoms for now but you should go see your OB-GYN as soon as possible. If you’ve let this go on as long as it sounds like you have, your doctor may need to put you on antibiotics as well.

    Vaginal Discharge for over 3 years.?
    I am 18 years old and when I was about 14 I noticed that I was getting some vaginal discharge on my panties. I asked my doctor what it was and she said it was normal because my hormones where changing. Now it’s gotten a little worse and I think it might be a yeast infection so I started using Monistat 7. I can’t go to a doctor cause I have no insurance or money for that matter so telling me “Go see your doctor” won’t help.

    The discharge looks white with light yellow and it has a funky smell but nothing FOUL and EXTREME.. I asked my mom to smell it as gross as that might sound (hey! I needed help) and she said it smelled like beer.

    The discharge texture looks & feels like mayo.

    Is this normal?? Can you tell me if it’s a yeast infection?? All help needed!!!

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone gets that. It’s the vagina’s natural way of cleansing itself out. If you’re worried about it leaking, you can wear a pantiliner in your underwear; you can’t even feel it.

    Can she have an STD or something else?
    My sister has recently noticed a light yellow vaginal discharge for about 1 week or two and she claims that is smells foul. She has been an a monogamis relationship for 3 years and has been sexually active for 8 months. Both partners have been faithful. She uses birth control ever since. As a concerned sister, I post this question. Is it possible for her to have an STD or something else?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like she has bacterial vaginitis. That just a fancy term for a vaginal infection. It’s no big deal. She just needs to go see her GYN and they will give her something for it. It’s not an STD or anything.

    Do i have pinworms or another infection?
    Here are my symptoms:

    Foul smelling vaginal discharge (color: yellow and white does not smell fishy)
    Vaginal and (sometimes) anal itching
    Burning feeling in my stomach after eating
    Skin Rashes
    I used to have spotting, but it has stopped.

    I went to the doctor and she prescribed some medication for Vaginosis and Candida (yeast) but the symptoms did not go away.
    I went again and she took some samples with a swab from my vagina. The results showed that there was no trace of yeast or bacterial infections.

    Ive been researching online and i think i may have pinworms or some other type of worms in my stomach. I cannot to go back to the doctor’s (not enough money) i want to just buy some over-the-counter stuff to try to get rid of it.
    Will there be any problems if i just take some over the counter stuff, even if i am not certain that i have worms? If yes, what can i take and how much do they cost?

    Any other ideas on what it could be?

    • ANSWER:
      I would still recommend that you go to the doctor, but if you simply cannot then my advice would be to do the test yourself.
      Put some clear tape around your anus at night and peel it off in the morning. There might be some worms stuck on it or some eggs. Also check your underwear in the morning, you might be able to see the adult ones.
      When you poop or pee you might also be able to see some. The smaller ones look like white thread.
      All your symptoms can mean some vaignal infection like Candida or pinworms but since you do not have Candida than my guess is pinworms. Although i dont see how pinworms can cause spotting, unless they get into ur reproductive organs and scar the fallopian tubes; that may have caused your spotting. Since they cannot live long in ur reproductive organs, then im guessing that they died and that is why the spotting has stopped.

      In any case, you can get some over the counter stuff that is not too cheap and really effective. They can be found in CVS.
      Reese’s Pinworm Medicine
      There are also a few natural cures. You can look them up in Google.

      Make sure you wash your hands as many times as possible. Wash your bedding, clothes, towels, bathrooms, counters. Vacuum.

      Good Luck

    vaginal and penis discharge?
    i have a discharge sometimes its thick and yellowish/white when it dries up and smells like foul bread, sometimes its thick like menses and now my bf has it, i thought he doesnt like to have sex with me anymore but then i found out that he also has the same issue regarding his penis, he showed me his yellow discharge stain on his underwear and when he squeezed his penis it has the same yellowish white discharge like mine, what is that kind of STD? help anyone, give me atleast first aid treatment, metronidazole tablet i took it for a week but it didnt work on me, i also inserted metronidazole suppository but it didnt work, any alternative??

    • ANSWER:
      Both you and your BF need to visit a clinic. Sounds like you need antibiotics. In addition you should use condoms until you both complete your treatment and are symptom free

    Vaginal discharge, “queefs”, and odor?
    This is a little embarrassing but here goes. I’m a 22 year old female and 3 months ago I started to develop more discharge than normal. It is white/off white..not green not yellow and no blood. It looked normal to me except it was way more than usual. I knew when it would come out so to speak because it felt like I was “queefing” except there was no noise, just the farting feeling. It also has a very strong odor with it which I can’t pinpoint what it smells like, not fishy or sour, kind of like urine mixed with c*m, it isn’t foul smelling but very strong I can smell it through my pants which is very embarrassing. It is not an STD I was checked 6 months ago and have always used condoms. There is no itching, no redness or swelling and no bumps of any kind. OTC yeast infection treatments haven’t helped either. Any ideas of what it may be? I no longer have insurance so I’m hoping someone can help!

    • ANSWER:
      well the smell is easy to get rid of buy some vagisil wash and only use it when you need to not every day and only use on your vaginal area and it will help with the smell or odor as far as getting discharge that is normal and you will get that until you are going through menapause which is for a long time if your only 20 .
      good luck and I hope this will work out for you

    Vaginal Discharge Question…?
    I’ve been on the nuva ring for about 6 months now, but continued to keep getting yeast infections over and over (which is quite common with people who use it) so as of late, I have decided to change birth control methods. Anyways, this is my first week without the ring and I’m getting a lot of discharge as if I’m having another yeast infection.. (which I was still expecting to have a yeast infection and treating it) but this time I noticed the discharge is much different then usual. I woke up this morning with discharge comming out of me which actually is the reason I woke. (It has to be bad if it comes out while your laying down) Also, it is the most foul smelling odor I’ve ever smelled. Not fishy, almost smells sour and very pungent. It’s almost a pale grey,green or yellow color. I read up and it looks like it could be trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis (which I’ve had B.V. before) Im getting checked tomorrow but any comments, or people who’ve had similar symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      Symptoms of infections are very similar so you will have to wait for the MD visit to have a real clue what it might be.

    Vaginal Discharge Normal?
    Okay so, I have normally alot of discharge. It’s normally kinda thick and usually is creamy colored. It doesn’t have a foul smell, well to me. It smells like potatoes. I love potatoes, and eat them alot. So is that normal to have a vaginal odor like that? Also, when it gets on my underwear, and drys, it looks yellow. Is that bad? PLEASE help. I’m really worried, and don’t want to tell anyone..
    Also, I have no itching, burning sensation, or anything. My vagina seems normal, I’m just worried about the dishcharge.

    • ANSWER:

    many yeast infection questions, vaginal discharge questions, help really needed im only 17 recurring infection?
    the following is TMI (too much info aka kind of nasty) so if you dont really wanna help and you have a weak stomach/will be grossed out just stop reading now!

    Im a 17 year old girl and yes im sexually active with a long term bf.
    Okay so for a while I have had white, thick discharge that leaves stains in my underwear(feeling wet alot) and white clumps.. im not sure if its exactly “cottage cheese like” but it has little clumps almost like wet toilet paper and its very WHITE it is not “clear” sometimes it dries yellow(and crusty..ew) but its mostly white white white. it does not itch at all. it is sometimes really TIGHT during intercourse, almost like its really dry and irritated down there, and a little over a month ago i even bled a little bit affter intercourse but just a tiny spot. sex can be painful at times but never overly painful. it looks red and irritated sometimes but other times its perfectly normal. ive had this probably 3-4 months. ive always had heavy discharge so i thought it was normal and i ignored it but its gotten worse the past 2 months. i thought it was part of my cycle because it always happens about a week after my period is gone and then lasts up until right before my period . IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YEAST INFECTIONS TO DO THIS? <-- that is my main question. be present, period, then gradually gain its presence back, period, reapeat the cycle, etc?! anyways it doesnt smell like fish at all, but it doesnt smell good either. it is really strong smelling. i could not call it "foul" but i wouldnt calll it pleasant either and my underwear smells bad and its really embarassing. and sometimes the smell is so strong i can smell myself through my leggings. (highly embarassing) since its getting worse, i dont want to ignore it anymore. my boyfriend cant even go down on me anymore, and heck, i wouldnt let him even if he wanted to...... too embarassing. he said i taste "bitter" which is awful cause it used to be sweet. Does this sound like a yeast infection? i never thought it was cause it hasnt been "painful, itchy" at all. Also, sometimes it feels like a mild UTI occasionally, not all the time, but i know its not a uti. i think its part of the infection maybe? does this sound normal or like an infection? anyone else ever had this? when i stick my finger up there to check around the situation, it comes out with the white lotiony discharge but also with small clumps and the "wet paper towel bits" on it and its a extremely white piece of paper color with a lot of discharge. on my vagina lips theres always like little bits of white.. i dont know if this is normal. its probably not :( so embarassing. anyways heres my situation now: my last dr oppointment i told them about this(i see a pediatric doctor) and they said they couldnt do anything without a sample and i was on my period so i couldnt give them one.... now if i called to make an appointment today and i dont know if ill get there in time while its still active. i also should add you know that stringy clear discharge you get during ovulation? i used to have that and i know its healthy and i dont even have that anymore just the constant white stuff... very worrying. anyways should i try and make an appointment or should i go to CVS and buy one of those home yeast infection testing kits? if i test positive, should i buy monistat or wait and see a dr? im worried cause ive waited so long thinking it was normal since i had no severe discomfort.... also what causes these infections? is there a special diet i should be on? no sugar or something? im very worried about this leading to fungal infections in my organs! i heard thats rare but is it really dangerous to leave a yeast infection untreated? please help me im thinking of all worst case scenarios. and anyone else ever have a yeast infection that came every period until you realized it was something wrong

    • ANSWER:
      I didn’t read it all, I stopped at “could it be a yeast infection?” If you have any burning, thick discharge, itching, odd odor, irritation, etc, you need to see your doctor or specialist.

      YES. Everything you have means you have an infection, it may or may not be yeast, but I’m thinking it is. And because you kept having sex/let your boyfriend go down on you, he needs to be treated too. They get yeast infections from infected partners. It can grow in your mouth, and on genitalia.

      It’ll only get worse if you don’t get it treated. It doesn’t have any effects on your organs, but you will continue to infect your boyfriend. You need to lay off the bread and sugar, drink a lot of water and go to the doctors, get a diflucan to fix it. First of all, -do not- have any playtime until everything is totally cleared up. This includes fingering, oral, and intercourse, it’ll only make it worse.

      As soon as you start getting any uncommon symptoms, see your doctor or it will continue getting worse. Some other tips are to make sure you wear really loose, cotton underwear and if you get sweaty, switch them out as sweat can make them worse. This is coming from somebody who has been battling infections for 3 months straight (mine were from taking antibiotics). Not getting it fixed fast will and can mess with your bacteria down there, ultimately resulting in recurring yeast infections, possible bacterial vaginosis or worse.

      When you go, take your boyfriend with you because he needs to be tested too, in his mouth and penis. Good luck. Watch out for signs if this happens again.

      PS: You both should also be tested for STD’s. Just in case, to throw those off the list.

    Im 25 weeks pregnant, and im just curious.. how much vaginal discharge is normal?
    It seems like im “leaking” ALL THE TIME!!! Its usually an off white/light yellow color, and doesnt usually smell (at least not a foul odor).. but SOMETIMES it has a couple small LITTLE chunky things in it. I know vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy (as long as there is no blood, which there ISN’T) but I was just curious.. up to how much is considered ‘normal’?? Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any and all answers you have!! Have a good day/night :)

    • ANSWER:
      I have alot more discharge now being pregnant than I did before. Your vag is just in over-drive trying to keep everything clean down there.
      As long as it’s not foul smelling, odd colored OR doesn’t itch–your fine. I know, I feel like I’m leaking too. It’s normal and one of the “joys” of pregnancy that no one warns you about LOL.

    Do I need to see a Gynecologist?
    I have yellow vaginal discharge accompanied with a foul odor. Normally I have thick, clear discharge. This smells a bit like urine. I don’t have any itchiness or pain down there and I am not currently sexually active. Should I see a doctor? I am not taking any medication regularly other than Pseudoval (a nasal decongestant) and Robafen DM (a cough suppressant) for a cold. The change in discharge happened just a couple of days ago. The odor is quite strong. I can smell it through my jeans. Should I see a Gynecologist?

    • ANSWER:

      Just because it doesn’t look like a “Normal” infection doesn’t mean that it isn’t an infection.

      Go see the doc… If you don’t have insurance, contact your state’s department of health or family services and they should be able to direct you to a clinic that works on a sliding scale.

      Don’t wait… Vaginal infections ONLY get worse…

    light green vaginal discharge?
    it’s really really light green, sometimes a bit yellow-ish if seen under a different light. what does this mean? not a lot comes out, but if i wipe too hard, sometimes the discharges comes out more. it doesn’t smell foul, but it does have a smell (kinda like antibiotic smell when you pee).

    i’ve never had sex before. and if anything, my boyfriend’s never had sex either and he has had check up and he’s clean. we’ve given each other oral before just once. i don’t know if this has anything to do with it.

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re not sexually active, it’s likely just a minor infection. Consider seeing your doctor as you may need an antibiotic to help clear this. While yeast infections are generally white, they can have a yellowish tone as well. If you are younger and living at home, ask your parents to take you to the doctor to get this looked into. I hope you’re feeling better with this soon.

    Whats wrong with my vagina?
    Ive had this odd foul smelling yellow (sometimes clear) vaginal discharge everyday since i was about 12/13-ish and now im 15. Ive talked to my mom about it and she said ive had a discharge ever since i was a baby and that my doc said it was natural and harmless. But i know somethings not right down there! Ive never had sex, i wash everyday, i dont know what im doing wrong! Ive researched my symptoms multiple times and nothing ever fits my problem! I dont itch, it doesnt hurt when i pee, and my vula isnt swollen. I dont know whats wrong with me…Help?

    • ANSWER:
      i get this as well. ive had it ever since i got my period so 13 but it was never as bad as it is now. now i get this discharge stuff everyday and the only time it stops is when ive got my period but then it comes back. and it smells as well. ive researched it as well but i think maybe just some girls get more discharge stuff than others. im 17 now and its right annoying to get everyday and makes a mess.but its definitely not thrush i checked that out. i hope someone has a better answer for this cause i want to know too!

    Why do i have heavy HEAVY vaginal discharge?
    This has been going on for like 3 years now. It is a very heavy discharge from my vagina ( all of the time except on menstral cycle).
    It is a whiteish creamy tan color and it often dries a very pale yellow. It is so heavy i have to wear tampons. And i know “ITS BAD” but if i wear a pad it soaks it up in an hour. I have tried pads as well but it still never goes away. It doesn’t itch, and it just smells a tad sour but not foul. I am upset, and I went to the gynecologist for it but i didn’t have discharge that day and she said she didnt see any….
    HELP!! im tired of living like this
    i feel gross and i cant even go swimming without a tampon or liner!

    • ANSWER:
      it could be an yeast infection or u just produce alot of discharged an yeast infection doesnt have to itch or wat not but it might be that

    How can I calm myself down and get myself to a gyno?
    Hi there. I am 23-years-old and have been TRYING to build up the confidence to go to a gyno and get my first examination/paper smear. I have been having some yellow vaginal discharge on and off for about two years (it has NO foul smell at all and NO itching/burning, etc). I’ve been researching online and I’ve read that yellow discharge can be a sign of an infection and even CERVICAL CANCER! I tend to be a bit of a pessimist so now I’ve convinced myself that I might have cervical cancer and am so freaked out about it. I really want to go to a gyno, but I’m so scared. I can get over the discomfort of it but I’m afraid of two things: 1) they’ll think something’s gross about my vagina or 2) they’ll find something terribly and horribly wrong! I know those are two STUPID reasons for not going, but it makes me sick to my stomach and almost dizzy even to think about going. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m so terrified!
    Also … I am a virgin, so it’d be highly unlikely that it’s an STD.

    • ANSWER:

    If i go to the doctor about a possible yeast infection…?
    or something of the sort (foul smelling yellow discharge), will the doc have to… *shudder* look as my vaginal area? just wondering…

    • ANSWER:

    In urology / urine analysis, what are leucocytes and albumin?
    I have a relative in India who has recently had a urine analysis done. She had burning on passing urine and diahorrea which has now passed and she is pain-free.

    However, she has been getting a strong/foul-smelling watery yellow/green discharge from the vagina since around that time but the doctors cannot pinpoint what it could be.

    On having a urine analysis done, the report stated the following:


    Colour – pale yellow
    Sugar – nil
    Reaction – acidic
    Albumin – Positive ++


    Polymorpho Nuclear Leucocytes – many (with clumps)

    Bacteria – present

    Organism – Escherichia Coli

    Colony Count – Greater than 100, 000

    Can anyone with a medical background please explain any of this in layman’s terms.

    She is very concerned because no-one can tell her if the burning urine/diahorrea and vaginal discharge are linked or separate conditions and I can’t help her alone.

    • ANSWER:
      albumin is protein
      and leukocytes are a type of white blood cells
      in other words; she has white blood cells, and protein in her urine.

      she’s got an infection within her urinary system as they’re investigating that she may have a UTI (caused by escherichia coli – e-coli ). i’m guessing she’ll be put on some sort of antibiotics when the full results come back from her urine test.

      for her sake, just ensure that she drinks alot of fluids – water, cranberry juice, and is cleaning her self properly after each void/bowel movement.

    Discharge that smells foul?
    I had my baby 2 weeks ago and I’ve had the normal lochia bleeding and whatnot but now the bleeding has stopped and I’m just getting a pale yellowish discharge (I heard that the lochia will go from dark red to brown to pink and then to yellow) Anyways over the past two days I have noticed that this discharge smells really bad!? I’m wondering if I have some kind of infection or if lochia is supposed to smell like this at the end or something?!

    Also my vaginal area has been VERY irritated for the past week and a half.. I thought it was because I had been wiping the area dry after my peri care instead of patting (because the hospital never told me to pat it dry) but now I’m wondering if this could be connected to the discharge.. ugh.. I have no idea.

    Does it sound like I have an infection:( ?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like it could be a yeast infection…I know a lot of pregnant women are prone to them so seems reasonable that you might have a messed up pH after the baby. If you had stitches, though there could be another kind of infection. Either way, call your OB and tell them you think you might have an infection, and they should fit you in for a quick exam. Don’t wait…it’s not worth the suffering!

    Could I have An UTI or Yeast Infection?
    Hi. I had unprotected sex about 6 days ago and we only did it for about 3 minutes. well we are both virgins and now ever since the day AFTER we had sex, i am having ALOT of discharge. its not really chunky, but it’s alot. more than normal.but it’s kinda slowed down now. and im having cramps when i pee. and my pee was clear the other day, now its cloudy and light yellow again. and now its normal
    Before we had sex,he fingered me and i bled. (but not my period but i think he poped my cherry) before we had sex, he gave me oral and my clitoris tightened up and I THINK that was an orgasm? if that has anything to do with it. so am i pregnant? do i have an infection? or is that normal? btw, my period is at the end of the month.

    Symptoms I’ve been having-
    -Foul-smelling vaginal discharge
    -Vaginal discharge that may be thick, white and lumpy like cottage cheese
    -Cramping while urination
    More Symptoms
    -Urgent need to urinate, but little urine is passed
    -Cloudy urine
    -Frequent urination
    More Symptoms
    -Urgent need to urinate, but little urine is passed
    -Cloudy urine
    -Frequent urination

    • ANSWER:
      hi it sounds like you have a yeast infection thrush a lot of women get it you can even get it by wearing tight pants or trousers just go to the doctor explain your symptons they will no what it is straight away and they will give you some cream to use. when he fingered you yes it does sound like he popped your cherry alot of women bleed when they first have sex. as for your clitoris tightening that sounds like an orgasm [ lucky you ] as for being pregnant wait and see if your period comes if it doesnt a week after your due take a test and please in the future wear protection unless you want to get pregnant or catch a std

    Recurrent vaginal infection or just not cleared up?
    Hi, I have been prescribed flucloxacillin 500mg caps for a vaginal infection, ive to take 1 cap 4 times daily for 7 days. Could you please advise me as to whether this is an effective form of treatment as in the past month I have been treated with clomitrazole vaginal tablets twice, canisten cream and another anti fungal drug which I had to take 4 tablets all at the same time although I cannot remember the name of it. My symptoms consist of greeny/yellow lump discharge with a slight foul smell and excess discharge. although I did have burning and severe itching this has now subsided. I am also pregnant so dont know exactly if my doctors is giving me the right treatment as the symptoms still havent cleared up.

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like bacterial vaginosis. very common ( NOT an std), agitated by things like bath cremes, soaps etc. trip to your local genito urinary medicine clinic and get it checked out. it prob just needs stronger antibiotics, and being pregnant you need to make sure its nothing more serious as it could be harmful to baby. good luck

    Please help with female issues?!?
    I believe I have a vaginal infection that was treated once before with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. The doctor said I had Bacterial Vaginosis. After about 3 months it came back again but the symptoms are worse (foul smelling yellow discharge (alot), itching, burning, and alot of discomfort). I live with my father and because I was treated once before he thinks that it shouldn’t come back and nothing is wrong with me. But I know for a fact that my symptoms are not normal. My father wont take me to the doctor and he doesn’t have health insurance, so is there some where I can go with out him knowing? Or what can I do to get rid of it? Please help!

    • ANSWER:

      If you are certain that you are suffering from vaginosis you can try out some simple home remedies for bv cure.

      Your father is justified in assuming that your infection must not recur if treated once. However in almost 70% of women who make use of antibiotics to treat vaginosis the infection reappears. This is because antibiotics kill not only the harmful infection causing bacteria but also the good ones. Left with zero defense mechanism the infection reappears as soon as the effect of the antibiotics wears off.

      natural remedies work the strengthen the immune system of our body and equip it to fight infection on its own,. Hence these remedies provide sure bv cure without any side effects

      Check out some age old home remedies for treating bv by clicking

    I Have a SERIOUS Vaginal Problem… PLEASE HELP ME :’(?
    Alright, here’s the details:
    I’m sixteen years old, I’ve been sexually active for almost a year with ONE person, I’ve had frequent urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and bladder infections since I was like 4. The past six months have been the worst months of my life; I’ve had these symptoms nearly every single day, without relief:

    -Slight abdominal pain/tenderness
    -Frequent, painful/burning unrination (with very little urination each time)
    -Just an overall burning/throbbing sensation
    -Abnormal urine colour (dark yellow, light yellow, clear), and odour
    -Irregular periods the last few months (usually I’m VERY regular)
    -Intense cramps, bloating, PMS, diarrhea, back and leg pain, and vomiting on periods (it becomes unbearable to the point where I pass out)
    -Sometimes heavy bleeding during periods for an extended period of time, sometimes very little bleeding for a short period of time
    -Excessive discharge (very foul-smelling, or sometimes no smell) – changes in colour and consistency (yellow, green, clear, white, brown after periods, sometimes thick and sticky, sometimes runny and liquidy)
    -OR sometimes I’m too dry!
    -Pain in the ovary-area

    Other Symptoms that could be related (I don’t really know)
    -OR Diarrhea
    -Upset stomach
    -Strange eating habits
    -Breast tenderness
    -Pain during intercourse

    Now, I have tried tons of anti-biotics and natural remedies, as well as creams, etc… but NOTHING seems to give me relief for more than a week!

    Please help me to find out what I have?!?!
    I’ve been leaving messages with the gynocologist (I want to make my first appointment) for over a month, but no response.


    • ANSWER:
      Girl you need to see an ob-gyn doc as soon as possible. If your current one is not returning your calls, you must find a new one right away.

    Is this normal?
    My vaginal discharge changes over the course of the month, which I know is normal. But most of the time the discharge has a light brown tint to it. And not just right after my period. The rest of the time it’s a yellow-white discharge and hardly ever it is perfectly clear. The smell is always the same – vinegar. I know this is a pH thing and that it’s also pretty normal.

    I’ve been having this discharge for about 3 years now and I don’t think it’s an infection because I never have itchiness or foul odour. Also, at my yearly physical she always tells me the result of the papsmear show no infection.

    I have my physical this week and was thinking of asking her if it is normal, but just wanted to see if anyone else experiences this. It’s a bit annoying because I always have to wear panty-liners, and it’s a bit nasty that after having sex when you wipe up everything has this brown tinge. I feel bad for my boyfriend, so I guess I will ask the doctor for sure this week.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it’s normal. Things change as you get older.

      I’m 37 and I always have to wear pantyliners now.

    how can I be positive?
    A few days ago I noticed that I was producing more vaginal discharge than normal. Today it became foul smelling and is slightly yellowish. I wasn’t sure how to treat since yeast infections shouldn’t have an odor so I bought a home screening kit to test my pH. It was at 5.5 which indicates towards trichomoniasis. But my symptoms aren’t quite correct for this. No pelvic pain or pain during intercourse. I do have discharge but it is not “frothy” or green. It is light yellow or sometimes grey. The only symptom I can say I have for certain that is related to trich is odor. My boyfriend (who is in the military and was test prior to getting in a relationship with me) has however started having pain whenever he gets close to ejaculation which he describes as red hot burning. (this keeps him from said expectation) I had a pap about two months ago and was under the impression that an std test was given but on was not. Now I am uninsured and living in a completely different state. I did call the doctor who called in antibiotics for trichomoniasis (which will also treat BV). But can I be certain this is what I have based off of a pH test?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds a little more like BV to me. Trich will have a really bright yellow or green discharge. BV discharge ranges from white to yellow to orange to grey, but the most telltale sign of BV is that rotten, semi-fishy smelling odor. You don’t always have pelvic pain or other pain during intercourse with BV or trich, those are just possible symptoms. If you want to know for sure, go to the doc and have a test done.

      But judging by your symtoms, it sounds about 90% like BV. Hopefully the doc prescribed you Flagyl (Metronidazole)?

    Are these symptoms of an STD?!?! HELP!!?
    For the past week i have noticed that every so often, a sudden “rush” of yellow tinged extremely watery discharge (super thin discharge) will leak from my vagina. It has a foul smell but not extremely foul just a lil foul. But everytime thias happens, i jump in the shower immediatley. The first two times i did this…it was kind of a lot of discharge. Enough to wear it obviously made my pants wet. The last couple times it has happened, it was a little less and not obvious on the outside…in other words…it didn’t wet my pants. Now for like the past two days, i feel like there is something “blocking” (i can’t think of any other word to describe it) the opening of the vagina…and sex is painful! it feels like there therew may be something stuck up there and mainly to the left side of the opening to my vagina. When i press on this “thing” “blocking” the opening…it seems like more vaginal discharge comes out…but that could be just my imagination…i did have unprotected sex recently with a new partner…PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT AN STD!! I am soo stupid and cannot get over how this may, very well be, an STD!!! I am scared and afraid to even go to the doc..although i do have an appt on Wed. When i do go to the doc, how long will it be before they can tell me what it is. Oh and 3 months agoi, i got Paragard, which is a copper IUD (NON HORMONAL IUD) inserted in my cervix opening…could this be maybe a complication from that? PLEASE HELP…NO RUDE AND VERY MUCH UNWANTED IMMATURE ANSWERS PLEASE….YOU PEOPLE RUIN THE VERY BASIS ON WHICH THIS SITE WAS CREATED…TO HELP PEOPLE…NOT CRITICIZE AND JUDGE! Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      This doesn’t sound like an STD but rather something more serious. Please go to your doctor and have this checked.

    foul smell coming from vagina/body?
    hi im 13. since around a few days i’ve been noticing a foul smell from my vagina and its not pleasant! i have a shower nearly 2 times a day but the smell doesnt seem to go! im getting really freaked out. i’ve been getting discharge ever since my periods started(october 2010) its usually a faint yellow….2 periodss ago i smelt the same kind of smell but i soon realised it was probably coz of my periods on the same day…but just a few days ago my periods ended so it cant be that smell? plz help could i have a vaginal problem or infection???? Also i’ve been feeling itchy done there (but its pretty normal-been having that ever since)
    how could it be BV? i just checked online…i’ve never had sex before, and my discharge isnt clear???

    • ANSWER:
      yep yep you have an infection the most common one is bv= bacterial vaginosis… stop using soap on your private area, it self cleanses, warm water and wiping will do just fine… remember to wipe front to back and dont wear thongs daily… oh and make sure your panties have cotton in the middle… and change your lady business often…

      good luck

      ps if it is vaginosis make sure they give you diflucan for the yeast infection you will have after taking the antibiotics, which taste horrible and make your breath stink, take them with milk it helps… if you can get the metrogel and you wont need the diflucan

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