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Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge

Written By: admin - Jan• 02•12

Have you noticed a recent change in your vaginal smell? Is your vaginal smell kind of odd which is different from your usual vaginal odor? Do you know that this is a clear indication of a vaginal yeast infection? Common sings of a yeast infection in women includes a fishy smelling vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation and thick white discharge which resemble cottage cheese. How to get rid of foul-smelling vaginal discharge permanently?

It is best to take steps to get rid of this infection as soon as you identify it. Delaying the treatment can create other complications at a later stage. Here are some excellent tips on how to get rid of foul-smelling vaginal discharge.

a) Start using antifungal creams or medications. It is best to take your doctor’s advice about which of the over the counter medicines will suit you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What should i have to do if i have foul-smelling vaginal discharge and is that could be very serious condition?
    What should i have to do if i had foul-smelling vaginal discharge . I had used Monistat7 so it still there and my question is : What should i have to do and is that very serious condition and should i head to opgyn?

    • ANSWER:
      Hmm… you might have bacterial vaginosis. It’s another common infection that a lot of women get. It may seem like a yeast infection at first, which is why you probably ran out and got monistat. But if there’s a bad fishy smell, that’s a symptom of bacterial vaginosis. It can be treated with a cream, but you have to see a doctor first and get a prescription.

    Pregnant Foul smelling vaginal discharge?
    for 2 weeks now I have been having foul smelling yellowish vaginal discharge and horrible stomach cramps. i am 2 months pregnant is this normal?i go through about 12 pads a day, the smell is awfull and rancid.

    • ANSWER:
      Thick mucus can be normal but not enough to go through 12 pads a day. You need to go see a doctor.

    Foul smelling vaginal discharge?
    I have white-yellowish vaginal discharge, even though I haven’t gotten my period yet. Is that normal? And it smells foul, it smells like body odor and kind of fishy. Does this mean I could have an infection? I clean my vagina every day, with gentle soap and warm water…Is that bad?

    • ANSWER:
      I think its normal similar to what I will be discussed further down.If you are very concerned about it I suggest that you ask your mom to take you to the doctor.
      The clearish stuff is called mucus it helps to clean the walls of ur vagina .Almost all teens n women have vaginal discharge.It may be white, yellow, clear, stretchy, or sticky. It may be there on some days and not on others, some women see it daily. Usually Normal discharge looks a bit like egg white – a clear or off-white sticky goo. When it dries normal discharge can turn a light-yellow color, so it’s normal to find a yellowy stain in your panties.
      Also It also acts as a lubricant during sexual intercourse.Before or after ur period persons have an increase in this discharge depending on your family background and diet and you as an individual one gets either a high or low discharge. have a high discharge. Its okay just drink water so tht is diluted so it won’t have

    A yellow, foul-smelling vaginal discharge?
    I’m fourteen, and ever since the fifth grade I’ve been having a foul-smelling discharge constantly. It is so extreme, that I have to wear pantiliners daily, and change them often. The discharge is clear when wet, and dries yellow; it has a strong, foul smell, but it doesn’t smell like fish as most people refer it to. It’s just gross smelling, nothing to really compare it to. I’ve asked my doctors numerous times, and have been tested several times, all tests come up negative for STDs and Yeast Infections, and I’ve had a PAP smear which was also negative. I started my period late sixth grade and have been on birth control pills since late seventh grade for period regulation. Has anybody else had this problem? I’m afraid something’s seriously wrong with me. ):
    NOTE: It’s /constant/, not only between periods. It’s there during my periods, too.

    • ANSWER:

    Foul smelling vaginal discharge (possibly urine) and minor incontinence?
    I hope someone has some insight into this…For the last two days only, never before, I have had some really foul smelling discharge or urine, I cannot really actually tell…I have also had minor incontinence also even just sitting here but more if I cough or sneeze…I have been sick the last two days with a horrible cold, but cannot see how the two would connect in any way…Maybe it is discharge that is leaking out and not urine, I don’t know? It has a slight brown tinge to it…Also, it is kinda weird but my fiance said that the last couple days we have had sex he felt like something was scratchy and his penis got rubbed a little raw at the tip…There is no pain or itching and it is not hard to pee at all….I hope someone can help!! I really don’t want to go to doctor for this!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have a vaginal infection and perhaps also a bladder infection. This is not unusual, but you really will need to see a doctor to confirm this, as well as be prescribed the proper antibiotic to treat it.

      You may want to abstain from sex for a while too, as that can aggravate the vaginal lining and worsen any infection.


    what can cause a 6 weeks old kitten to have an abudent foul smelling vaginal discharge ?

    • ANSWER:
      type of food it eats and milk instead of water to drink

    what can i use to stop a foul smelling vaginal discharge?

    • ANSWER:
      Although it is natural for a woman to have a discharge for natural cleansing of the body, it is not suppose to have any odor to it. If your discharge is “foul smelling”, you have a yeast infection, or if you have been having unprotected sex, you could have an STD. You can go to your local drug store and get an “over the counter” medication for your yeast infection. Use it as directed. Also, to limit the smell of your discharge while using the yeast infection medication, you may want to get a powder or spray. Avoid sex while you have the yeast infection, as the infection can be spread to your partner and the medication will be ineffective. If the yeast infection medication does not work, you may want to consult with your gynecologist. He might be able to prescribe you something stronger, such as an antibiotic. If you are on any type of birth control pills, antibiotics will weaken the effects of the pills and you can and may become pregnant if having sex. Your gynecologist will also be able to tell you if you have a yeast infection or if it is an STD.

    Foul-smelling vaginal discharge, no other symptoms?
    I felt a sudden gush of discharge and went to clean it up and noticed it had an extremely ODD smell. Something I’ve never even smelled before. But to me it smells like an infection or something.

    I have NO other symptoms at all. No itching, no pain, no redness, no rash, nothing. I was smelling perfectly normal until this odd gush of discharge, and since I’ve showered I think the smell has gone, but I can’t be sure…

    What is this?

    I had sex 3 days ago and used the Today Sponge for the first time. Could it be a reaction to that? I used it totally as directed.

    My bf ejaculated inside me, could it be his semen? I noticed if I don’t wash his semen completely off me it later has a foul smell, but nothing like this. Could it be that his semen god old inside me and collected bacteria some how or something?

    Please, any advice is welcome, because I can’t see a doc and this incident totally freaked me out!

    Just don’t be mean please.
    The smell has not returned since last night shower.
    I have no idea what that smelly discharge was, but it’s gone!

    I’m thinking it was either his semen going bad inside me or some kind of reaction to the BC method I used. I’m going to keep an eye on it next time, see if it happens again.

    Thanks for he answers, though, people. :)

    • ANSWER:
      Odd smell is a good reason to get checked out by your OBGYN. Better safe than sorry. Don’t WAIT for other symptoms….

    My beagle is a 2.5 yo female who is discharging a foul smelling vaginal discharge. Please help.?
    I have a female beagle that is 2.5 years old. I adopted her from the local animal shelter. Prior to getting her spayed, I noticed at times a white vaginal discharge accompanied by a extremely pungent odor. She has since been spayed (about 8 months ago). Every so often she exhibits the same white vaginal discharge and foul odor. There seems to be no pattern to the timing of the incidents. Can you please diagnose this problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      vaginitis or yeast infection. you’re going to have to take her to the vet when she is having this discharge so they can culture it and find out what is wrong. I am so glad that she is spayed! dogs that are not spayed can develop deadly uterine infections where the uterus fills with pus.

      Just take her to the vet, they will find out what it is and treat her.

    how to get rid of white foul smelling vaginal discharge?

    • ANSWER:
      You should go to your doctor. If the discharge has that “fishy” smell, you are most likely suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis, which you’ll need to go on a round of antibiotics to cure. It doesn’t take long once you get your medicine, so call your doctor soon and it’ll be done with soon.

      Do NOT douche, whatever you do! Douches upset the balance of your vagina and make infections worse, not mention causing them if you don’t have one!

    Recurring foul smelling vaginal discharge?
    I am 23 I have two beautiful kids but since my last one was born 9 months ago and I had the para guard birth control put in I have had a recurring problem, it is yellow in color and very foul smelling not fishy just foul I have to constantly wear pantie liners and it is rather annoying because over time they break me out from constant use. I have been to two doctors they have done every type of std test, which came back negative, they have treated me with at least 6 different kinds of antibiotics which only help for about a week then the problem comes back.They have treated me with three different creams which only made it worse. It is horrible I have never had this problem before I got this birth control could this be the issue? Does anyone know what else it could be? Please help me I want this out of my life I have struggled for months now with it. I also have pain in my right ovary and the doctors seem to think it is not a big deal either.

    • ANSWER:
      First off, that guy is an ass. Having 2 kids at the age of 23 is not bad at all, and I congratulate you on your two beautiful kids. Whether the economy is failing or not, it does not mean that people can’t have kids.

      Anyway, I really don’t know what the problem could be other than this birth control form. I would do a little research online and also find other doctors. If all else fails, stop using this birth control and see if that helps. If it isn’t, then it could be rather serious. I hope everything works out for you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help more!

    Really foul smelling vaginal discharge…?
    I’ve never had this problem up until a week ago, I noticed it after I got off of my period ( which sometimes happens ) but since it has just lingered around. It almost smells musky? I don’t know, but I’m a little worried because a few weeks ago I had sex with a guy I didn’t know very well, I mean.. I know him but nothing of his sexual past. I’ve had chlamydia twice, and both times had no symptoms so I don’t really THINK it’s that, although I’m aware it’s a possibility.
    Does anyone have any possible ideas what this could be? I’m totally a clean person, this is making me feel disgusting.
    Also, the discharge has been a little yellowy-greenish?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like Trichomoniasis, Go to your gynecologist.

    Foul smelling watery vaginal discharge?
    I’m fifteen years old and not sexually active. There’s also a slight burning sensation. What’s wrong with me?

    • ANSWER:
      you can have an infection. are you urinating more or feeling like you have to urinate? could be uti – urinary tract infection, if so buy AZO they are pills that get rid of the infection fast. you can always make an appnt wit a gyno u are old ennough to be seen.

    Why would my 8 yr old spayed female dog have a very foul smelling brownish vaginal discharge?
    this has occured several times, lasts several days, maybe months apart ? ? Should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      Take her to the vet as soon as possible.

    5 yo granddaughter has foul smelling, green vaginal discharge. Dr. via phone says yeast. I’m leery of that,?
    also and itch. She was on amoxicillin about 2 1/2 months ago for strep throat. It doesnt seem to be the whitish discharge of a yeast infection. Dr. said to use OTC yeast treatments. I think he should have asked to see her. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to take her to a doctor that checks her down there. I cannot believe a doctor would not do an examination with something like this going on. In a situation like this, not only should the check the ‘itching’ down there by a simple process of using a swab sample, or a pee sample, they should also take a swab sample of her throat.

    Greenish-Brownish-Yellowish Foul Musky Fishy Smelling Vaginal Discharge???
    I have been sexual active in the past 3 weeks, and right after my period was over, i noticed that i had this thick bubbly foul musky fishy smelling greenish-brownish-yellowish discharge that was burning and itching… i only have ONE sex partner, and this is something new that i noticed….. i have no clue as to what it could be… also i’ve had some mild pain in my lower abdomen… and i’ve been feeling very tired… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME… and PLEASE NO CRUEL COMMENTS!!!

    • ANSWER:
      You could have pelvic inflammatory disease or endometrosis. You need to go to a doctor and have a pelvic exam.

    I had a light brown vaginal discharge today not foul smelling. My last sexual intercourse was on April 8.?
    Its is accompanied by abdominal cramps. Can you please help me what is wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like your period is on it’s way

    What does extremely foul smelling brown vaginal discharge and slight cramps mean?
    I’ve been experiences this for a few days now, and never have before. My period is supposed to come next week. I am sexually active and have had sex within the last week. My boyfriend and I use a condom every time, but he puts it on after we warm up a little without it (way before he’s going to ejaculate). But the last time we had sex and he went to put the condom on, he came right after withdrawing. He says he didn’t ejaculate while inside me, but I’m still worried. I have no idea if the symptoms and that occurrence are related. Do you know why might symptoms might be?
    I am 19 years old in case you might think age has a factor in this, and have had a normal period schedule, with a few exceptions.

    • ANSWER:

    why i am having foul smell of vaginal discharge?
    a had an infection around two years ago i took antibiotics oral and in puting inside my cervix. i do had 3boyfriends in a year. is this possible that i am starting to have a std?

    • ANSWER:
      it could be a vd or a bacterial infection. i’ve had one and believe me it has a foul smell. is there any itching, irritation, or any burning when u use the bathroom? have u had unprotected sex? go and visit your doctor to be sure.

    do you get foul smelling discharge when you have a UTI? (women)?
    not a fishy smell but a bad smelling vaginal discharge

    • ANSWER:
      With a UTI you usually urinate a lot and it burns sometimes. Foul smelling vaginal discharge means it’s a vaginal infection.

    vaginal discharge smells foul after medical abortion?
    I had a medical abortion 2 weeks ago due to be been 21, and only been with my boyfriend 6 months. I’m not ready to become a mother. It was a hard descision to make – but the right one.

    Anyhow, I’ve been and had the depo injection today as contraception. And since coming home, my vaginal discharge smells foul, like a sicky smell. Really not nice at all. And I passed a few skin textured lumps. I have slight periody tender stomach, but nothing more than usual.

    I’m worried I may have an infection or something?

    Anyone else been in this situation. Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      You dont have to justify your decision to me, this is a free country we live in. Unless you are in serious pain or notice very unusual things I really wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ll tell you though- be wary of that depo shot, regardless of what the granola nuts tell you about needing to be more active when they dont even know your daily routine- that stuff made me gain weight, really tired and even depressed. Other girls have told me this too, although side effects are different for everyone and some may not experience those things. If you do experience these side effects they should go away over time when you get your monthly cycle back. If you start feeling pain or experience anything out of the norm see a doctor.

    Vaginal discharge. yellowish colour and foul smelling.?
    For about 3 weeks I have experinced a discharge coming from my vagina that has sort of a fishy smell. The smell is pretty bad. I don’t if others can smell it but when I am sitting down I can smell it through my pants.
    Normally, I wouldn’t find discharge abnormal for a few days after my period but this has been going on for awhile and it’s almost a yellowy colour. I have to wear a panty liner every day. My crotch area is a little itchy. Not painfully itchy but it can be uncomfortable at times. It doesnt hurt or itch to pee. I am not sexually active.
    Anyone no what Ithis could be?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a bacterial infection.

      Different types of infections:

      Signs of yeast infections:
      White, cottage cheese-like discharge
      Swelling and pain around the vulva
      Intense itching

      Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
      A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
      A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap
      Itching or burning
      Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva

    Foreign Body? Brown vaginal discharge with foul odour!?
    I juz had my period n i hve dat brown discharge with a foul odour. I think b4 my period i had a foul smell discharge. I’ve used a tampon once and Im sure i took it out! I get itchy sumtimes but its only occasionally! Is this normal?
    im not sure bout da b4 period discharge ting! I cant remember exactly.

    • ANSWER:
      No! Go to your OB/GYN today and let him or her check you out!

      Best wishes!

    vaginal discharge with foul smell, green/yellow in color, how to treat this? please help!?
    im already having this for 2 years. im afraid to go to a doctor and i feel ashamed. what treatment can i do? i dont want to tell this to my family and friends. please help me. if i would go to the doctor, what should i tell?

    • ANSWER:
      FIRST, check your discharge in “Discharge Evaluation” and “Vaginal Odor” and SECOND, select adequate natural remedies for it – see both in links below

    I have had a discharge during my pregnancy from the very?
    beginning. It is white/clear and it smells fishy. I read online that it is normal so I never said anything to my doctor about it. I had a pap smear and a culture done and they were normal. I had an ultrasound today and everything was perfect with the baby. I just read that a foul smelling vaginal discharge can mean Bacterial Vaginosis. Could I have this and the tests just have missed it?(I am 20w5dpregnant)
    I forgot to add-I was tested for chlaymidia and Gonorhea and both negative

    • ANSWER:
      i just talked to me doctor about that…it could be that you have abnormal bacteria in that area and there are antibiotics for it that is safe to take during pregnancy. one week of pills and it pretty much goes away. talk to your doctor

    what are some home remedies for vaginal odor???
    i have this foul smelling vaginal discharge kinda “fishy” but i was wondering if there were any home remedies you know about to try before going to see a doctor, i am kinda embarressed, any suggestions??

    • ANSWER:
      Going to the doctor is a good idea, but if you’re determined to postpone it … there’s a product called RepHresh that restores the vaginal pH. Sometimes this is all that is needed to help the vagina get back in balance and get rid of minor BV and yeast. I know CVS sells it. Not sure about other pharmacy chains.

    Vaginal Problems – foul smell and abnormal discharge?

    I have recently just underwent a termination of pregnancy (app 2 weeks ago) ( I was using Contraception)
    I am now suffering from a foul smell down below and some greenish/brownish discharge.
    There is no itch, therefore i have ruled out thrush and Vaganosis.

    I tend to wash with femfresh shower gel and water.

    I have been tested for STI’S and they were all clear and I have began taking the contraceptive pill again.

    Anyone idea of what could be wrong?



    • ANSWER:

    vaginal burning, swelling, only after sex, foul smelling urine and discharge every now and then?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you have a bladder infection and a vaginal infection. Get off the computer and get an appointment with a doctor today. If a doc can’t see you then go to urgent care today. This is not something that should go untreated.

    How Can I Get Rid Of Normal Vaginal Discharge And Its Odor?
    I have this thick white discharge but it looks yellow in my panties, and the discharge smells foul, my dr has tested my discharge she said its normal, Is there something i can do to get rid of the discharge and its smell?
    I do get a vaginal itch sometimes but i dont think its an infection becuz its not all the time.
    also i am a high risk diabetic , i eat alot of sweet stuff like candy

    • ANSWER:
      Normal discharge doesn’t have much of an odor.
      I would look at your diet and what you are eating. It may be the beginning of a yeast infection or just a little bit of yeast. How does your tongue look? Whitish?
      Things like eating sugary foods, chocolate (excessively) and candy, breads, drinking sodas, and even caffiene can contribute to this. Eat lots of veggies and some fresh fruits.
      Go to the health food store and get a good probiotic. The kind they have in the fridge. It’s about a bottle but it’s worth it. Finish of the bottle with daily intake of vitamin C. OR get some good, plain probiotic yogurt and eat it daily. NOT Dannon products either. Stuff from the health food store.

      I can guarantee within a week that white stuff will be gone if you do that.

    having a vaginal discharge with a foul smell that won’t go away?
    i gave birth six weeks ago. the last month and half of my pregnancy i started with this discharge that had a very bad smell. never have i had this before. at about 2 weeks before i delivered the doctor at the ER said that i had an infection without any test done so she prescribed flagyl 2 weeks after i have birth same discharge with smell came back. i went to the doctor they prescribed again flagyl for 7 days the discharge went away and a week later came back. i don’t know what to do what can this be? they think is BV. need help has anyone had this before?

    • ANSWER:
      It may also be vaginal thrush. Go back to the doctors and get a test done to make sure it is nothing serious. Having a baby may have created some bacterial problem. NO doctor can say its an infection without checking first it is not a visual thing. I am unaware of ur partners situation so i am unsure how to advise but if this “smell” doesn’t clear then please go back for more tests. Flagyl will normally get rid of some vaginal infections but if more serious then it may do nothing.

    My fixed-cat has vaginal discharge that is yellow and has a foul smell. Emergency vet or wait until Monday?
    Is it serious enough that I’ll need to bring her to emergency vet or will waiting until Monday (or Tuesday b/c of MLK holiday) okay?

    • ANSWER:
      If it was my cat i would take her to vet. I fixed my cat and she didn’t have these symptoms.

    Vaginal Discharge – Smells?
    I’ve been on birth control for 2 years no problemo. I take it every day to STOP periods entirely and I let the periods flush out once a year (7 day period). I have always had, even before taking control pills this foul smelling odor from vaginal discharge. It smells like a musty gassy exhaust. I’ve been to a gynecologist and she said there is no bacterial inflation or infection of any sort. I have never had sex either. The mucus is so excessive that it soaks 1 normal size pad in under an hour and the smell gets quite annoying. I use anti-bacterial soap around the pubic hair but I never wash with soap inside the vagina. I use plain water and take baths/showers every day.

    I do not have any clue as to what this is, nor do any of the doctors i’ve been to. I have seen over 5 specialized doctors and gotten 15 kinds of swab examinations non have returned back with any kind of infection or disruption.

    Any ideas as to what’s causing this?
    My diet consists of :
    40% Fruits/Veggies (Mostly fruits)
    15-20% Meats
    30% Dairy Products
    10% Wheats / Breads

    • ANSWER:
      This is likely not an infection but I dunno

    Why do vaginal discharges smell so foul just after periods but get better later?
    Right after my monthly period i sometimes get a discharge that’s like curdled milk which smells so nasty. it clears up after about a week though. What could be the cause? It isn’t consistent throughout the month – just for the week after my period. I use pantyliners then but i’d like to get rid of it altogether! Can anyone help out here?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds to me that you might have some sort of infection or yeast imbalance. Your discharge should never smell foul – it is not normal. I would see a doctor if i were you, just to be on the safe side.

    yellow vaginal discharge with sweet smell?
    I was having thick yellow-white vaginal discharge with a foul smell. I went to go see my doctor and she put me on antibiotic. I’ve been taking the antibiotic for 3-4 days and the foul smell is gone now but my vaginal discharge is still thick yellowish white. And it smells sweet. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      Well why on earth don’t you ask a doctor?

    i have a vaginal discharge and had a foul smell…i am 28 y.o.?
    is it because i had sex with my husband most of the time? i am so embarrased with this smell i need to change my underwear twice a day and take a shower twice or three times a day to remove the smell and the discharge on my panties…

    • ANSWER:
      Discharge is normal, it is the vagina cleaning it self, sex does produce a smell on the vagina but with such regular showing that wont be th e problem, if the discharge is white/creamy colour then it is fine but get it checked with the docs about the smell, if it is an add colour then go for a sexual health check to make sure there is no s.t.i’s!!

    foul vaginal discharge..almost like feces!For almost 2 yrs.. seen gyno and still…?PLEASE HELP!!?
    So frustrated now!! my problem is so embarrassing and has me worried about it becoming something more serious like PID or infertility. I am 20 years old. Up until I was 18, I would describe my vagina as being healthy…I lost my virginity at least a year be4 I started experiencing anything odd…It seems to have all started with a yeast infection…I had this when I was still with my one sex partner (the first)…I diagnosed it myself really. Itchy…cottage cheese discharge…I had never been to the gyno..and the thought of that really scared me…so I tried to treat it by myself. I used the old yogurt remedy? …and it seems to have worked…or helped a little….after about two months, though my bf and I broke up…and within a month I was sexually active with my new boyfriend..horrible, maybe…but I want to spill the whole sexual history…within the month without any sexual activity is when I developed what I have now..if I remember correctly..and since then…throughout my whole relationship with my new boyfriend..I had these symptoms: Horrible vaginal odor…awful…You can smell it through my jeans…Not a fishy odor…but almost like feces…or what an infection may smell like…discolores at times….but there was no itchiness….or cottage cheese looking discharge…so I ruled out the yeast infection…and after looking some things up on the internet…told myself it was a bacterial infection…Still, tho, I have not went to the gyno…My new bf and I stayed tagether for a little over a yr..Him, being my only other sexual partner…but I must admitt, it put a big damper on the sex life….SO EMBARRASSING!….So, now, this problem is nearly 2 years old…for a while, almost religiously every day…or every other….i would douche right b4 sex…or even b4 i went to work…bc when i seem to move around more…the more discharge(smelly)..i release…SO….after thw two a-holes…I met my wonderful bf now! he’s wonderful, btw! :) and still I hav these sympstoms…I decide to finally go to the gyno…weeks b4 my visit i read on the internet that douching with a vinegar/water solution would help disguise the smell, some….so i had been doing that…everyday…or twice a day…horrible decision, im thinking…seemd to help a little for a while tho. a day be4 i went to c the gyno…i had dome so, and the odor wasnt as foul..i mean…you dont want to gape open ur legs..when that is present…especially seeing as though i was so self concious about going in the first place…anyway…got my normal pap…i described the odor to her…tried to emphasize and tried to explain to her it was more than just being sweaty…or a natural odor…it was more. SOmething was wrong…Well, she took the swab, left, came back…told me my PH was fine..and everything seemd to be normal…she said she didnt smell anything…and she would be sending a slide to the lab…THATS IT? I JUST KNEW SHE WAS GOING TO TELL ME WHAT WAS WRONG…give me an idea or something…but nothing…SO…lab came back…And it said abnormal cells…Precancerous cells on my cervix…which, i dont know that that is too relevant to the ? at hand…I plan on getting the frozen off…and am not so worried about that…B/c at least I know what they are..and they can be taken care of…but, could that have anything to do with the problem that I am having now? I dont see where it could…but damn…I keep coming to dead ends…so any advice would be helpful….She put me on UTI antibiotics for a week…and also BV antibiotis for a week after my first vistit…and I called and complained that the odor was still there….I took the medicine…and it seemd to have helped…I think. But guiltily, I still used the vinegar/water soltion occasionally…from habit maybe…just being self concious…and having to have dealt with that for so long…I didnt want to chance having this embarrass my in an intimate moment, again…u know? SO….after a month and a half…here we go again…SAME ODOR..and discharge..every day..every second of the day…ITS HORRIBLE…and just want to be normal again! Im afaraid I let it go to long? Some other things Ive noticed…just so I can be sure Ive explained it all…I get REALLY WET…abnormally…during sex…a slight pain…sometimes in my lower abdomen…have seen a tissuey substance in the discharge…and a slight pain inside…sometimes…when I have “more passionate” sex….ummm…thats about it……SO COULD SOMEONE PLEASE…if you’ve had the same thing..or just have any advice on what the H*** could be going on…

    • ANSWER:
      I really feel for you! I dont know what to tell you except maybe try a different gyno. You shouldnt have to live like that! Good luck.

    i had vaginal discharge for 2 days now, looks like white to yellow color no foul smell?
    i had this vaginal discharge for almost days now I’m just little bit worried but look like white to yellow and there’s no u think I’m pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      wait a few more days for it to clear up, if it does smell then it could be a yeast infection

      just make sure you wash down there with products which are PH balanced like baby wash lotion

      sometimes products with a strong fregrance can upset the ph balance of the vagina

    Why does my vaginal discharge smell?
    Okay this is embarrassing. It’s slimy, white sometimes whitish clear, never yellow or any other colour but has a very foul smell after like 6 hours of wearing the same undies. And when i wash my underwear, there is a yellow stain on it that won’t come off. We need to scrub the stain off. Do i have a disease? Please help. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The same thing happens to me but i asked my doctor about it and he says that its completely normal for this to happen !

    sometimes green vaginal discharge and itching during 24 weeks of pregnancy?
    a few days ago,but not everyday, i experienced having vaginal discharge that is sometimes yellowish, greenish, thicky mucuos-like..and my genitals itch somtime..i dont know if it’s normal, but it kindda bothers does not have a foul smell, but of a natural vaginal it because im pregnant?or is it because i use feminine wash everyday that it irritates me?or is it a sign of a serious infection?

    • ANSWER:
      That is an infection of one sort or another, most likely Bacterial Vaginosis. Call your Doctor or make an appt asap to get it taken care of.

    Vaginal Discharge?
    This is a personal topic, so please…..only serious reponses.
    I would like to know if anyone has heard of a woman having brown, foul smelling discharge and having that being labeled as “normal.” I’ve had two seperate exams and Paps by two highly recommended ObGyns and both have said they cannot find anything wrong. I have PCOS and am not on the pill. I’ve always gotten a pain on my left ovary if I have the slightest bit of “gas” or constipation, but no cysts were found during trans-vaginal ultra sound. My discharge is so severe that I go through pads like crazy. If I put on underwear with no pad, I immdiately have a lot of fluid on the underwear. The odor is so strong I can somtimes get a whiff of it even if I have a pad on. The doctor says it may be my “natural” odor or Ph, but I’ve tried RePhresh and not even that works. The discharge is often dark yellow to dark brown- like after a period. This is drivng me insane and I’d like to find an answer to what’s going on with my body!

    • ANSWER:
      I’d get a third opinion. Recommend a female gyne. This is not normal. If you douche….stop!
      Douching can cause more problems.

    what is normal and healthy vaginal discharge?
    how can you tell if you have normal discharge, versus a not normal discharge? my doctor told me that one way of telling normal discharge is if your discharge smells kinda sweaty, not a foul smell but only a bit sweaty, not sweet, no fishy, just sweaty, i thought it was weird, but have any of you heard of sweaty vaginal discharge equals to a healthy discharge??

    • ANSWER:
      No I haven’t heard of that. Mine usually smells sweet kinda, not sweaty. I would be concerned if it smelled sweaty because that is pretty gross.

    Vaginal discharge??
    I have foul smelling lots of vaginal discharge I urinate frequently it hurts to have intercourse… What could it be??

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a yeast infection or an STD you should consult a gynocologist as soon as you can get an appointment. There are over the counter treatments for yeast infections so you might try one if the appointment is more than a day or so away. If that doesn’t solve your problem then go get checked out.

    after sex with my bf i have increased vaginal discharge but I’m taking contraceptives?
    i have this bf of 2 months and i notticed a week after having sex with him. my vaginal discharge increased which is not normal for me. its white not clear and has a little foul smell. im having this discharge for a month now. i already had my period and am now taking contraceptive pills for birth control but still i have this vaginal discharge.
    please help…what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Man…you ahve only been dating for 2 months and u r already having sex with him. Yikes girl. Ewwwwwwwwww

    celiacs disease and excessive vaginal discharge?
    is there any way that they can be related . My family and doctors are recently concerned i might have celiacs ive recently started having more vaginal discharge? its just clear and foul smelling. could that be from celiacs?

    • ANSWER:
      U don’t have celiacs disease, causing vaginal discharge,
      it is simple infection
      Here I am suggesting u an easy way which u can do ur self
      Buy a small bottle of BETADINE lotion, and a few vaginal tablets of Clotrimazole and a few syringes of 10 cc 10 amps of distilled water
      instructions to her:
      Now take 2 cc betadine in 10 cc syringe and 8 cc distilled water
      Sit on stool, remove the needle and insert the syringe in vagina as much u can and push the solution fast
      let the fluid flow out when stop than push one vaginal tablet as high as u can with the help of syringe
      continue it for 5 days
      foul smell will disappear in 24 hours,
      u can use this procedure once a week as ur personal Hygiene
      u can make love as usual with condom

      After buying Canesten Clotrimazole 500mg vaginal suppository, I then followed instruction carefully.
      And you know what, my problem was gone overnight!
      This is really an effective one thus I highly
      recommend this for females who have the same problem

    Clear watery vaginal discharge with foul odor. What could this be?
    Recently i have noticed a very foul odor “down there”. I will bathe and 10 minutes later the smell is back. There is no thick white discharge, but some that is clear and runny, like water.

    What could this be and what could I do about the strange discharge and odor?

    * I have had BV many times and the discharge is always thick and white, not watery

    • ANSWER:
      is it a “fishy” smell. Then if it is, it it most likely BV.

      I have not heard BV to be a thick white discharge, it’s usually clear and watery with a pungent “fishy” smell.

    for ages my vaginal discharge has smelt ?
    well for a couple of months my discharge has smelt abit. Its not like a fishy smell or a foul smell it just smells like old blood, if you know what i mean. does this mean i have an infection? because i am not sexually active so i have no idea what it could be. Its not discoloured or anything.. what is it?

    • ANSWER:
      go and get checked out.
      it could be something serious.

    there’s brown discharge and a foul smell exiting my vaginal area as much as i clean it. whay’s going on?

    • ANSWER:
      Normal discharge should have a slight odor and should never cause itching or burning. Problems like itching, a strong odor, or a change in color (such as brown, gray, or green) indicate that a girl may have a vaginal infection and needs to see a doctor.

    foul sour smelling vaginal odor during intercourse around time of ovulation?
    They say that during the time of ovulation, a sweet smell should arise. Not for me! For me it is exactly the opposite. I noticed this just recently, so maybe it has been going on for sometime, or just began, I don’t know. The odor is like a sour smell, almost that of sulfer, and it ONLY arizes during intercourse. There is no discharge, and the smell goes away after I shower. The last couple of times I have noticed it, it has been around the time of ovulation.
    Has anyone had similar occurances? Or possibly know what it might be caused from?

    • ANSWER:

    Is my lower back pain associated with offensive discharge?
    About 6 weeks ago I first experienced back pain that hurt when standing from a chair, or sitting up out of my bed. I needed assistance and it hurt like hell.

    At the same time of the back pain occuring I noticed a foul smelling clear liquid vaginal discharge. I washed and washed and it didn’t go away but finally my period came about a week after the discharge was there and cleared up both the back pain and the discharge.

    Two weeks ago my back pain came back along with the offensive odor and I was wondering if what I have is far worse than the usual “Yeast infection”

    I do plan on seeing my doctor so please only answer this question if you know what this problem is not if you plan on saying “look it up” or “See/ask your doctor” I am not a numbskull. I just can not see my doctor until almost next week and I want some answers from the people who may have experienced this. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      There are several things this could be but this does sound like a yeast infection because of the offensive discharge. However I have experienced this same thing and I had a kidney infection caused from the yeast infection discharge entering my urethra after I urinated. It started out as a Urinary Track Infection and then turned in to a Kidney Infection.

      My advice is to lay off the carbonated drinks and drink lots of water and cranberry juice on occasion. See your local pharmacist, they should be able to recommend something over the counter that won’t make the infection worse. (AZO Standard, for bladder infection or Vagisil for itching from discharge. I wouldn’t recommend doing a yeast infection treatment until you speak with your doctor, just incase neither of these are the issue.
      I hope this helps!

    foul vaginal smell?
    I’m a little confused here…

    I have normal vaginal discharge and it doesn’t have a bad smell to it but my vagina smells. I take a shower every night but in between that my vagina starts to have a smell. I don’t think I have an infection because theres no pain, itching or anything else that could indicate an infection NOR an STD. any explanations? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      If it bothers you enough, go see a doctor.

      But some women just have a different smell from other women. If you are sexually active, does your partner have a problem with the smell?

      Does it get better/worse around your period? Does eating yogurt make it get better? Is there any discharge – white/yellow/brown that has a bad smell? These are all indications that you have an infection of some sort.

      Most of the time, a very foul smell is a good indication that something’s not right.

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