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Bad Vaginal Odor

Written By: admin - Oct• 26•11

If you would like to know how to naturally eliminate bad vaginal odor, then you will pleased to learn that there is help at hand. Millions of women worldwide are affected at any one time from this common condition, although due to the embarrassment factor, it is rarely spoken about. The most common cause of bad vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis. This is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. Experts believe that there is no one “cause” of the condition, but there are a number of factors which make it more likely, including:-

* A change in your sexual partner
* Over-washing or douching
* Significant changes in body temperature
* A lowered immune system
* Cigarette smoking

However, this is not an exhaustive list and very often there is no apparent cause at all. One thing is for sure though, you will want to know how to eliminate bad vaginal odor and how to do it quickly! Within the vagina, there are two types of bacteria-good and bad. Usually, the pH level of the vagina is mildly acidic and this supports the good bacteria. When something upsets the balance, the bad bacteria multiply rapidly and this causes the fishy vaginal odor.

As this condition is not a true infection or virus, but is brought about by an imbalance, conventional medication does little other than give temporary symptomatic relief-and this includes antibiotics. It is crucial to get the body in balance once again to enable the good bacteria to kill off the harmful bacteria naturally. This is not only better for you, but can work far more effectively than antibiotics and there is a very good reason why this is the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do about a bad vaginal odor?
    I have a bad vaginal odor, I told my mom I wanted some spray from wal-mart but she hasnt done anything. I’m only 14. Should I go see a doctor? If I do will they have to look at my vagina or what will they do? And I have never been sexually active.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possible you have an infection and that’s what you’re smelling.

    my besst friend has an really bad vaginal odor how do i tell her?
    my best friend had really bad v aginal odors.i wanna tell her but i know it will hurt her feelings. what are some ways for her to get rid of the odor and not hurt her feelings

    • ANSWER:
      Tell her the truth

    Runny white Vaginal discharge with bad odor?
    For a few months, I’ve been having really bad vaginal odor and runny discharge.
    It happened after I got drugged by my ex boyfriend, and I’m really scared.
    I’m going to the doctors tomorrow, but I’d like an idea of what it might be.
    I’m 15, btw..
    In case that is relavent at all..

    • ANSWER:
      A bad odor should get medical attention.

      A boyfriend who drugs you should get arrested.

    i have a bad vaginal odor and a cloudy discharge, what does this mean?
    i have had a cloudy discharge and odor for quite some time now. my mom took me to the gynocologist and they say it was an infection, i took pills they gave me but it didn’thelp. please, whats wrong with me.

    • ANSWER:
      ignore the person who said premarin. they are obviously not a doctor. you don’t give estrogen to what is clearly an infection.

      vaginal discharges are in general 3 things:
      1-candida, a yeast infection called vaginitis, is a white-yellowish cheese like discharge and can be accompanied by itching and redness.
      2-gardnerella vaginalis which is a vaginosis causing a foul fish like odor with colored discharge
      3-trichomonas which is another vaginosis causing a gray like discharge with a less funky odor than the 2nd one.

      a cervical discharge would possibly be an std such as chlam or gono though from what you’re saying, it sounds more like a vaginal discharge.

      from what you say, i’m assuming the doc did a culture of the secretions? they don’t always need to if it’s clear cut from the visual exam.

      fluconazole is the standard oral treatment for a yeast infection. in some cases, the vaginitis will not respond to it. a 2nd treatment may be required, or an altogether different antifungal.

      flagyl or metronidazole is the standard treatment for vaginosis.

      you should probably check up with the doctor to see if they received the result of the culture. if none was done, then it should be done.

    How do you tell someone they have bad vaginal odor?
    spiritually speaking.

    • ANSWER:
      Just say you had a better time diving in the gulf near Louisiana then near them

    for 3 years i have had a really bad vaginal odor and white creamy discharge, sometimes its brown…?

    I have been seeing my gyno, i just had a coloscopy, and she said nothing about it… But i do think that i need to come straight out and ask her.

    • ANSWER:

    what to do with this bad vaginal odor?
    when me and my bf was having sex , he nut inside of me . the next day had this very bad odor like a rank smell no fishy smell and im peeing a lot . an im the type of person that rarely drink water

    *we had sex 2 days ago

    • ANSWER:

    Recently, I had a sexual encounter with a girl that had a bad vaginal odor, but I found out about it late.?
    I found out about it after. Now, I am having a similar smell on my Penis. I have cleaned, showered, and scrubbed hundreds of times, but I can’t get rid of it. I am a little concerned that this is some type of disease or something similar, but I have no other side effects. Can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like a yeast infection
      go get tested

    Bad Vaginal Odor!!?
    All of a sudden I am experiencing bad vaginal odor! I went to get checked with a gyn, got checked for STDS n hiv eveything came out negative then after a few weeks I got a bad odor. When I have sex it gets worse!! Its embarressing because it smells terrible while having sex. I get discharge which smells horrible! What can it be??
    Yo wtf? now i can’t even ask any question?? If u don’t like a question simply don’t answer it.
    Theres no itching.. no burning, no pain jus bad odor and discharge.

    • ANSWER:
      Since your doc. ruled any infection & yeast doesn’t have an odor. It could be, the mingling of you & your partners fluids.
      Make sure you stay hydrated & drink lots of water, cranberry juice would be good too…
      Are you under more stress, have you changed soaps or do you wear tight clothing & pants that don’t breathe. Has anything changed for you recently? Wear cotton clothing & see if, this helps…

    plz help i have really bad vaginal odor …. looking for a best answer?
    okay i have a bad vaginal odor i could smell it through my pants i wash my vagina with water and two soaps hoping that would fixed the problem and i get this really irritating itch on one spot of my vagina inside the lips what can i have ? or what can i do about it …. p.s i don’t have a doctor

    • ANSWER:
      I’d say go to an urgent care or make an appointment at any local doctor even if you don’t have a primary care physician. Something is wrong and it’s better to get it checked out sooner than later.

    A bad vaginal odor, what to use…?
    I have had a bad odor since I started having sex which was about 2 years ago and I went to the doctor they told me that it wasn’t a sexually transmitted disease and to doche it’ll work for a while and come back about 2 days laters. It smells like dirty socks. I just had a baby about 6 months agot and I had a episiotomy and it seems to me that the smells has lightened up but it comes every now and then….Anyone have and suggestions….??

    • ANSWER:
      You might want to get a second opinion from another doc. Douching to often is bad for you. You might try using the feminine deodorant suppositories but be careful incase you are sensitive. Try norforms. If you don’t like them, try a diff brand.

    Bad vaginal odor, bubbly discharge – will doctor test for STD?
    I am married so I always assume that doctors (regular GYN) won’t test for STDs… I heard that you have to specific ask for which STD to test for. Is it best to go to planned parenthood since they do a complete test?

    • ANSWER:
      It seems like someone has been unfaithful in the marriage.I am sure your husband has smelled the discharge.Both of u should go the doctor and get tested it might be an baterial infection.

    No infection, but bad vaginal odor?
    iv had a bad vaginal odor & different discharge that has been there ever since i had a yeast infection a few months scared me so i got it checked out at the gyno yesterday. she said she didnt see anything like trich,yeast, or bv. could it just be the ph balance is causing this? no itching or burning, and gyno said my cells looked normal. anyone ever expierience this? and more importantly, does anyone know what i can do (wipes, deodorants, anything) to get rid of the smell?


    • ANSWER:
      Did the doctor notice the smell?

      It’s normal to have your own scent and it will smell stronger to you than to others. Diet, water intake, exercise (sweating), illness and meds will effect the discharge and the scent.

      Different types of infections:

      Signs of yeast infections:
      White, cottage cheese-like discharge
      Swelling and pain around the vulva
      Intense itching

      Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
      A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
      A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap
      Itching or burning
      Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva

      Signs of trichomoniasis
      A watery, yellowish or greenish bubbly discharge
      An unpleasant odor
      Pain and itching when urinating
      Most apparent after your period

    really strong bad vaginal odor??
    ok, so im 13 now and for a long time, maybe even since like 4th grade ive had really strong, bad vaginal odor that smells pretty much like the BO under your armpits, so at first i thought it was sweat but when i take a shower its still there, and it never goes away, its stronger at the end of the day when i am more sweaty but its even there when i wash myself. can someone please help me figure out what it is? or better yet how i can fix it? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      You need to open up the area wash within the folds. wash with dove.. Powder with a feminine powder sold over the counter at your local drugstore. If you find your sweaty in the crease of your leg try mild deodorant, a solid like dove. Just glide it on. Be careful not to get it in yourself.

    Bad vaginal odor right after period….?
    So the day right after my period ends I get this really bad vaginal odor that last 1-2 and by the next day the odor is completely gone there is not itching, redness, discolored discharge and I dont experience it until the end of my next period. I went to the gyno last June and got a pap smear and everything was normal but I was curious if anyone else experienced this and what happened if you went to the doctor and what your doctor said. I plan on seeing a doctor next week to make sure everything is ok but just wanted to hear if other woman experienced this. Serious answers only please

    • ANSWER:
      It’s just bacteria my sister went through the same thing its not a std tell your doctor about the symptoms and he/she will prescribe a vaginal gel

    Bad vaginal odor??
    For the last 4 months I’ve had pretty awful vaginal odor, but without any other abnormal symptoms. No excessive or weird colored discharge, no irritation, or discomfort at all. It just smells pretty bad, especially during/after sex. Has anyone experienced this? I have an appt with my OB/GYN on Friday, I’m just really nervous that it could be something really bad because I’ve been doing all kinds of reading on stds/infections! I’m married and we’re faithful people, so I don’t think it’s an std, but you never know. Any insight?

    • ANSWER:
      i would bet that is is BV (bacterial vaginosis) it is NOT an STD…and it is very common, generally most noticable after sex. it is cured with oral antibiotics or a gel medication that you insert into the vagina, like a yeast infection medication. I had the same problem and was super embaressed, i finally went to my doctor and she says she sees it every day. in yeast infections the normal yeast in your body kinda goes overboard…this is the same concept, just with a bateria. look it up. good luck and dont stress!

    I have bad vaginal odor but have no STD’s, what gives?
    I am 4 weeks pregnant and have a vaginal odor. I was tested for all STD’s and bacteria and everything came back negative. I was treated for a UTI two weeks ago. What is the odor??

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely see the doctor, some odor is normal, but not BAD odor or something you notice is definitely not normal for you. Even though they do check for darn near everything under the sun you could have developed a yeast infection since you were last there and the meds for fighting a UTI can leave you more prone to get yeast infections. Pregnancy alone will do that too so your chances of yeast are quite high right now.

    Have a bad vaginal odor?
    Recently, since the day after I finished my period, I have been having this really bad vaginal odor. There is a little bit of brownish gray discharge too. Its really hard for me to smell and other people can smell it too. I had sex for the first time a couple weeks ago, but I’m on birth control and we used a condom. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Also, I have mono but I doubt that has anything to do with it. What is it?? And what can I do to cure it?

    I want to get an idea of what it is before I go to the doctor, I hope it’s not an STD. The symptoms I listed are my only symptoms too.

    • ANSWER:
      Despite the awkwardness of a smelly vagina, it’s a common issue. In order to get rid of an unpleasant smell, you must identify why the smell exists in the first place. It can indeed have many reasons starting from an infection, poor air circulation, use of wrong products, etc.

      I would recommend seeing a doctor. For some more tips on the issue you can visit this blog:

    Recently had a miscarriage and now I have bad vaginal odor. Is this normal or is something wrong?
    Still bleeding but smell is making me sick. Should I worry?

    • ANSWER:
      First, I want to send out my dearest appologies to you and your family.

      It is probably the insides of you and any leakage from the miscarriage.

      It is normal to have an odor, but I am not a doctor. I am also not there to examine.

      To my best guess, have a check up with you doctor ask him/her to examine.

      I have no idea where the odor is coming for exactly, and I normally would not recommend this for this situation, so please do not take this the wrong way, but have you tried dousching? That will kill any kind of vaginal odor.

      If it is the exterior of the vaginal area that please get some medical exterior, scented loation and rub it in every 4-8 hours a day, or if the lotion requires different.

      Don’t get a lotion that will irratate, like I suggested, get medical lotion and check for the ingrediants if you have any allergyns to them. Also see if there is a CAUTION! sign or WARNING! sign that explains a ‘do not use this when…’.

      I hope this helps.

      Again, I appologize.

      Take care.

    why do i have such bad vaginal odor?
    i take a bath every night and always clean myself really good, plus i douche once a month, what else can i do and why can’t i ever smell good down there?

    • ANSWER:

    how to get rid of bad vaginal odor?
    About 3 weeks ago i was diagnosed with Bacterial vaginosis, (living bacteria in the vagina) and the doctor prescribed pills and a cream (that i only used twice). after a week, i noticed it got way better. no more discharge and the itching stop. but it seems that i still have a weird odor. Should i go back to the doctor so she can check it out, or should i use the yeast infection cream? When i take a shower, i properly clean it and everything, so i don’t understand why it has a weird smell to it

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend talking to your doctor again – might be some sideeffects from the medication / creams …

    I have really bad Vaginal odor?
    I have had a very bad odor down there for a long time now. When im on my period it doesn’t smell that bad. But, when im off it and ovualting it smell very bad…it smells when I discharge and when I dont. I can smell it through my jeans,or whatever im wearing. It’s a very strong bad odor and I dont know what to do about it….I shower daily and I wash down there and it’ll help just for a little bit, and will start smelling again in about an hour. Im still a virgin so It cant be anything with sexual contact. Should I go see a doctor? What should I do about it??
    And only mature women to answer this please, I dont need anybody to make fun of me..I just need some answers.

    • ANSWER:
      You might have BV, bacterial vaginosis. It’s very common. You can get it if anything disrupts your normal bacteria within your vagina, after periods, before, after sex, virtually anything that upsets your balance. It produces a fishy odor.

      Or it could be indicative of a bigger problem. I would say go see a doctor just to make sure nothing more serious is wrong and he or she will give you an antibiotic to solve the bacterial problem.

      If there is no itch, then it is most not likely a yeast infection. If it were, you would notice a white frothier discharge. The doctor can determine what if anything may be the problem.

      You haven’t indicated your age of if you are sexually active but don’t rule out the possibility of a sexually transmitted infection if you are sexually active. Bacterial Vaginosis or Trichomoniasis are infections but they are not necessarily transmitted through sex.

    Grown Women Only Pls – Fear of having bad vaginal odor??
    I have a fear of having a bad vaginal odor that other people can smell while being around me. I am healthy and have the normal infections like every other woman on the plant but always get them treated. I want to know if anyone has ever been around someone who you could smell their vagina just by being close to them. I need to know if this is a justified fear or if I am just paranoid. It is causing me a lot of stress and it is really hard to be in a social situation w/out being self conscious… Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      actually, i used to have a friend that had a serious vaginal odor problem. every time she sat next to me, i could smell her…i could also sometimes smell it when she walked past by me. if you want to know if you smell, just ask someone that will take you seriously and wont laugh at this embarrassing question :)

    why do i have a bad vaginal odor?
    i have gone to the gyno and she said everything is normal and there is no infection
    the is also no discomfort
    the problem is i still dont like the way i smell its a very strong soury odor and my boyfriend agrees when he goes down on me he said it also taste that way

    what can i do ?????????
    no douching i heard its bad

    • ANSWER:
      Theres nott much you really can do, its just your natural smell down there. try washing with soap around that area, also vagisil has some powder that women use on pads when they have their period, or on panties. buy some of that and sprinkle it on your panties and it will give you a fresher scent.

    I had an abortion 20 days ago and still have a bad vaginal odor and dark yellow pee. ?
    Is this normal? When will it clear up?

    • ANSWER:
      hmm.. if the odor is really bad, and if you are experiencing any type of discoloured discharge i would go see my doctor. it could be a sign of infection, and you need to get it taken care of asap.

      and dont pay attention to the retards leaving nasty comments like the one above me. go f**ck yourselves. its a hard decision to make and alot of times its a necessary, medical desicion so without knowing her situation, keep your mouths shut.

    Mirena and BAD vaginal odor?
    I had the IUD- mirena put in about mid February 09′after my first baby and it was great, my periods dissipated quickly. The strings were a little to long so I went back to the Dr. to have them cut. About 3 weeks after that I started having a period out of no where but, I remember the Dr. saying they may be sporadic so i did not worry at all. About the middle of my period i started having the worst odor (not fishy) which i also shrugged off as something to do with the period and assumed it would go away. When the bleeding did stop i soon realized that the odor was still there. I started having small chunks of skin or lining come out when i actually got the courage up to have sex with my husband. At that point i was mortified and decided to try a douche (I had never used one before this) to see if that would get it all out and make the odor go away. It only helped for a couple of hrs and the smell came right back (but the chunks DID go away) Now the smell won’t go away at all no matter how much i clean. I have called the Dr. and have a appt in 3 days but i wondered if anyone had any ideas or had experienced anything like that. Also there is no strange discharge at all!! HELP! P.s I know for a fact my husband has not cheated on me, he works with a friend of mine and i know he comes straight home to help with baby so he had no time for that : )

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like an infection of some sort and I bet you got it when your doctor was fiddling with the IUD. (So not an STD.) This happens sometimes. You DEFINITELY need to go to the doctor, but no worries. I’m sure it will all be resolved with some nice antibiotics.

    what foods cause bad body odor, bad breath,and bad vaginal odor?

    • ANSWER:
      onions and garlic cause bad breath…body odor i think is just from unproper health care (no deodorant, no showers) and bad vaginal odor i think is from the same…not changing pads/tampons regularly when you have your period, not showering, not changing your underwear regularly…if you have b.o shower more and use deodorant and perfume….vaginal odor use some of those cloths…bad breath use gums or mints..all of them can be solved…but if you have really bad vaginal odor and nothing helps it go to a gyno…you may have a yeast infection

    I have had a bad vaginal odor for some time, and my Doctor suggested plain soap and water. This hasn’t helped.?
    I’m not itching, but I’m not sure what to do.

    • ANSWER:

    I have vaginal odor and pain, what is wrong with me?
    I have really bad vaginal odor, and some bleeding.

    What could be wrong with me? Is this a yeast infection, or UTI?

    • ANSWER:
      Could be any number of things, a bacterial vaginal infection is the most likely if there is a smell and irregular bleeding. Candida (yeast or thrush) infection causes a white thick discharge which is very itchy usually. Urine infections usually make it sting when you pee they don’t cause vaginal pain as such.

      Go and see your doctor sooner rather than later, you need vaginal swabs to check what is going on.

    Bad vaginal odor? please help!?
    Okay, so I have some odor….. I wouldn’t call it fishy. I don’t really know how to explain it, it just smells bad and it’s embarrassing and I don’t really want to leave the house because of it. I wash down there at least twice a day, but it’s still smelly. I’m not really itchy or anything, but I don’t know if it’s a yeast infection or not. So yeah… Please help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Def see a doc. it’s not normal.

    I recently started smoking heavily and now i have a bad vaginal odor. are the two connected?

    • ANSWER:
      yes actually they are. it has been proven that espically in women, we are what we eat persay. what ever we put into our bodies can make our vaginal area smell the same or similar.
      i.e. if you eat alot of fruit you tend to have a “sweeter” smell. if you eat onions alot you tend to smell that odor.

    my girl has bad vaginal odor…real bad. How can I tell her without it being embarrassing for both of us?
    I want to be as delicate as possible. How does one even start on a topic like this?

    • ANSWER:
      My question is how does she have really bad odor there and not already know it????????? Does her nose not work?

      Really bad odor typically means there is an infection, so buying her soap won’t fix the problem, it will only cover up a symptom.

    What Cause Some Women to Have Really BAD Vaginal Odor?
    This is weird but i have been around quite a few of my female co-workers and i noticed that one of them in particular has a very very strong vaginal odor. Being honest and not trying to come off rude, her private area smelled like pure garbage. My question is… how is it possible for a person to not be able to detect this and know that something is not right. I mean the smell is so strong that like when she walks passed me or even sits down you get a strong wiff of it. It’s not my place to say anything, but at the same time the smell is reeking.

    Does the scent come from the internal vagina or is that from the labia??

    • ANSWER:
      bad smells in that area usually indicate an infection but the woman in question may not know this or has become immune to the smell her self she may just think its normal either that or she very rarely changes her underwear

    I have had a bad vaginal odor for 2 monthes straight..HELP!?
    I have had this for a long tiem now i have used wipes,summers eve wash, powder, monostat.. i dont know what else to do. it is affecting my sex life and i can litterally smell it thru my jeans. it is awful! i need suggestions on what it is and how to help it besides go to the doctor because i already have an appointment.. but how embarrasing!!
    thanks !

    • ANSWER:
      maybe shave some vages dont smell so bad after a good shave maybe you got lotta jungle down there or you can use axe

    i have a bad vaginal odor recently had a vaginal hysterctomy dr says everything is fine .?

    • ANSWER:
      You have tested Neg for STDs I am assuming. Have you been tested for Bacterial vaginitis? It has a foul fishy oder and is over looked some times but can be tested in the OB/GYN Dr. office and get results in office in like 10 minutes.

    Bad vaginal odor…help?
    First i want to ask people to not be rude.
    I wash GOOD, i make sure i do. And after a shower its okay for the first couple hours, but then there’s always a bad smell, sometimes I can still smell it even with my pants on. It scares me a little and its causing a problem with me and my fiance because i don’t want to have sex.
    Does anyone have any idea whats causing this, or what i could do about it?
    I also have alot of discharge and im on yaz(birth control).. incase that could have anything to do with it.
    Also theres not rash or itching.

    • ANSWER:
      This is going to sound strange, but you may well be making things worse by washing too thoroughly. Be sure to only use a mild soap that is suitable for babies and not too much of it in that area, and rinse thoroughly.

      It sounds to me like you probably have a yeast infection (thrush), which is very common and both easily treated and prevented.

      I would suggest getting a Fluconazole (Diflucan) tablet to take first, as this will clear up the problem very quickly and is generally more effective than the various creams and pessaries available.

      I would also suggest taking Lactobacillus acidophilus supplements, which are available from most grocery stores and pharmacies, on a regular basis to prevent a recurrence. This is a simple way of boosting the good bacteria so that you don’t have these unpleasant symptoms in the future.

      In addition to this, wear cotton underwear, never douche as this interferes with the natural pH balance of your vagina, wash this area gently with mild soap or baby shampoo, and always wipe from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria. Getting up to urinate after sex is also a good way of avoiding a number of potential problems.

    Bad vaginal odor ? whatto do?
    I have bacterial vaginosis and I want to to something about it NOW but the medication I have is overnight gel. So I just haveto sit in this stinch all day?

    • ANSWER:

    Girlfriend has bad vaginal odor?
    I know I asked this the other day, but I finally got the opportunity to get some from her. As soon as she took off her panties, the odor filled the whole room.. The only thing I can compare the smell to is a guy’s armpits when he hasn’t washed or wore deoderent for 2 days. It’s horrible. I didn’t get to finish because I had a personal problem, but that’s irrelavent. I decided to do this without a condom.. stupid I know, but I really would like to know what this odor could possibly. I am pretty sure she washes herself regularly..

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like she has a vaginal infection – probably bacterial.

      She needs to see a doctor.

      Signs of yeast infections:
      White, cottage cheese-like discharge
      Swelling and pain around the vulva
      Intense itching

      Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
      A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
      A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap
      Itching or burning
      Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva

    Mirena causing BAD vaginal odor?
    I got my mirena put in on the 15th of July, so I guess that’s approximately 2 weeks ago. Beggining this week, I started some heavy spotting, and usually my period doesn’t smell bad…it just smells coppery, but now it smells just disgusting! It’s very strong, I can smell it even when I’m wearing my panties and my pants! It’s a very big difference from before I got this IUD. It is embarrassing to say so, but it kind of reminds me of poop…Is this normal, or should I call my doc tomorrow? I’ve taken bath after bath and it just comes right back…

    • ANSWER:

    I have this bad vaginal odor. It stinks really bad and it makes me nauseous. what could it be? no discharge.?

    • ANSWER:
      You could have an infection. Go see your doctor, she’ll know what to do.
      Also, why are you smelling it?

      Hope this helps =)

    My puppy has a BAD Vaginal odor! Please help!!!!!?
    My puppy is 18 weeks old and twice in the last two weeks she will get this really strong rotten fish smell coming from her vagina. It Will be there for like an hour then it goes away but what ever she is laying on while is happening ends up having the same really gross smell and it’s very strong. I’m getting her spayed in two weeks could this help? What could it be?

    • ANSWER:

    Bad vaginal odor and brown discharge?
    i know this is tmi but

    i shower clean myself ect.. and within 4-5 hours my underwear have brown stuff in them and it smells like amonia/really strong urine

    i am being treated for a cystis (bladder/uti) infection , could it be the pills or could it be the infection that im being treated for? its embarrasing, im also 5 weeks pregnant
    its not a miscarriage please dont answer if you know nothing your talking about.

    doctor knows im pregnant, and i did have a catherter(spelling) in for the ultra sound in the hosptial and that caused alot of urine and dried nasty stuff when it came out, so hopefully its just all that and the infection , if not away in 2 weeks at doctor i will mention it. im being treated w/ pills that is safe for pregnancy as long as your not 7+ months

    • ANSWER:
      please go to the doctor u could be having a miscarriage or something

    My girlfriend has had bad vaginal odor for a long time. I don’t know why and she gets so embarrased?
    I recently brought this up with my girlfriend when she asked me why I wouldn’t go down on her. I reluctantly told her that the smell kept me from doing this and she got very sad and angry. I cannot figure out what she has but I know that it is attached to something medical and ongoing as she got mad at me, yelling, “Dont you think I would know”. She wears a pad in her underwear often and has had surgery consistently on this area. I love her very much and would never consider leaving her no matter what I found out. II thought the Yahoo community might be able to provide some insight. Thanks guys.

    • ANSWER:
      Aww, that’s unfortunate, but the vaginal area does have a unique odor, which is normal. However, if the odor is way too strong, then there might be a problem. Maybe the following link can help.

    Constant Vaginal discharge+Bad Odor+Burning+Wounds?
    This started a month or so ago – thought it was normal, not so much now.

    During the day, I have a constant vaginal discharge that creates some sort of mucus layer all over my vagina, including where I pee from and sometimes the anus.
    Everytime I go to the bathroom, when I clean, the toilet paper ends up having little yellowy clumps, just like the rest of my vagina and the pubic hair, I have to wash it afterwards and that doesn’t last long.

    Like it says in the title, the discharge has a bad odor, and also I have a burning sensation all over – including small wounds everyonce in a while that cause some very minor bleeds.

    I’ve been asking my mother to take me to the Gyn, but she won’t do it yet – which is why I have to ask here.

    The wounds have been going on for a longer time than the discharge, they are formed right in between my legs and vagina like slashes or like little burning circles anywhere else.

    I do not have multiple sex partners, I’ve only been with one person and he has only been with me.
    I keep myself clean – I used to use soap down there but stopped, it hasn’t changed anything.

    Any suggestions ?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a really bad yeast infection. Read this description of a yeast infection:

      “classic symptoms of yeast infections include vulvar itching, redness, and irritation. If your urinary opening is inflamed, you may have to urinate somewhat more frequently than usual, and urination may be uncomfortable. If your infection is severe, your vulva may swell and fine breaks, called fissures, may appear. Your vaginal discharge will become thicker, whiter, and curd-like (similar to cottage cheese in texture and appearance).”

      It sounds to me like you’re getting the thicker vaginal discharge, and the slashes sound like the fine breaks/fissures.

      You should really, really go to a gyno. If that’s really not possible (money, insurance, time, etc.), there are over-the-counter treatments for yeast infections available at any drugstore, but your first time with a yeast infection you should really be diagnosed by a doctor.

      And just so you don’t get scared, yeast infections aren’t STD’s, and they aren’t specifically caused by having sex (although that can set one off). They’re also completely curable.

      P.S. If your mom won’t take you, there’s always Planned Parenthood or other free clinics.

    how to treat vaginal bad odor?

    • ANSWER:
      Vaginal odor could be due to an infection. If it is a foul odor, then you have an infection. It would be best to be checked out by your doctor to see what is going on. Avoid douching as this can disrupt the normal bacterial content of your body and make things even worse.

    Can garlic cause strong vaginal odor?
    My friend put WAY to much garlic in her food. After I ate it I had a BAD vaginal odor the next day. I thought it was an infection, but then the smell went away. It really freaked me out. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before?

    • ANSWER:
      Garlic has oils that are absorbed into the blood. That is why people who overload on garlic not only get garlic breath but (especially in the summer) seem to sweat garlic. That also explains why even if you brush your teeth for 10 minutes the garlic breath returns, its coming from the lungs, not the stomach.

      In your case it was probably just a combination of too much garlic and a warm summer’s night.

    vaginal odor, not bad smelling just self conscious? and help?
    I stay clean down there. shower normally. i dont think i have an infection. i heard some foods may cause some smells, but I dont know what foods. Like I said its not very bad but it makes me self conscious. I know douching is bad.

    I want to know the causes and the treatments.

    also, im not very active, and im on a birth control patch. i dont do smorts, or sweat alot.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve got the same problem too =X Its very annoying, though not nearly as bad as it was in 7th grade X_X

      Its not a gross odor, but its annoying and unwanted. Make sure you wipe very well and thuroughly after using the restroom. There are freshening wipes made for this sort of thing, though make sure to use wipes SPECIFICALLY made for freshening up down there ONLY. Clean down there well every day too. It just happens, and just taking a few extra steps will help keep it in control.

      Hope that helps ^^

    My vaginal odor is very bad! :(?
    I am almost 13 and very mature. Haven’t had my period yet; my vaginal odor is extremely bad. After I have a shower, it smells. At school i can smell it(and it’s awkward and embarrassing). Is there anything i can do to make that go away? Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
    I wear cotton panties most of the time.

    • ANSWER:
      douche it, or go to the doctor and find out if something is wrong

    Ok i have a very bad vaginal odour i was having sex quite a lot last week with my boyfriend>>>>>>>>>?
    so anyway every time i wash my vagina it just smells really bad again the minute i come out of the shower there is a white creamy discharge can someone tell me what it is i cant take the smell anymore and im getting worried that it is something serious
    any1 wanna help me
    tnks 4 de help ny1 hv ny more answers

    • ANSWER:

    my 7 year old daughter has a bad odor coming from her vaginal area and at times discharge?
    My daughter is 7 years old and she has a bad odor coming from her vagina and at times little discharge I took her to doc to check for infection and it came back negative, so what can this be

    • ANSWER:
      Because of all of the hormones that they are putting into the foods these days, little girls are starting their cycle earlier. So, this could be the discharge before she eventually starts her period. I’m not sure about the smell. Do you wash her, or does she wash herself. If she washes herself, maybe help her and show her how to wash down there. If you wash her, then show her what to do. How to properly wash in the shower/bath and how to wipe well after using the toilet.

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